Student Opportunities

Student Opportunities

The Department of Physics welcomes enthusiastic undergraduates and graduate students who are interested in working with faculty members on research projects in a variety of fields.

The University encourages undergraduates in particular to get involved in research on campus. The UT Dallas Office of Research provides Undergraduate Research Scholar Awards, a competitive program that funds student research under the guidance of faculty mentors.

UT Dallas undergraduates work in areas from social sciences to physical sciences, and in emerging fields such as nanotechnology, biomedical devices and cybersecurity. By engaging in research, students gain valuable skills and experience that make them more marketable to potential employers and graduate schools. Read more about undergraduate researchers at UT Dallas, including physics major Anthony Phung.

For more information about physics research opportunities for undergraduates, contact Dr. Matthew Goeckner, head of the physics department, at 972-883-4293, [email protected].

And check out the videos below, where UT Dallas physics students describe their research experiences.