Bicycle Theft Prevention

In the 2016-2017 school year, UT Dallas had over 30 bike thefts — protect your property!

Don't be a victim of bike theft - help us help you

Download the Bike Theft Prevention Flyer (Adobe Acrobat logo 804K) to get some great tips on protecting your bike. Here is a quick summary.

Record the Make, Model, Serial Number

Write down the make, model, and serial number of your bike or save the information in a file. The serial number is the most important piece of information - it is the ONLY way to identify your bike beyond all doubt.

Take a Photo of Your Bike

Take a photo of your bike when you buy it. Take more photos of any distinguishing marks and take photos again as its appearance changes over time (for example, when you add accessories).

Buy and Use a Good Bike LockU-Lock

U-locks (also called D-locks) are basically giant padlocks in two separate parts. A rigid U-shaped shackle attaches to a straight crossbar forming a closed D shape around whatever you are trying to secure. If you're only going to buy one lock (and it is really recommended you buy two), a U-lock is the way to go.

Register Your Bike

Register your bike with University Housing! You need to provide all information requested INCLUDING the serial number. You may also want to register with Bike Index online — it is free, has a rapidly growing user base and can be used by individuals, police, and cycling organizations.

Save All Your Receipts

Keep all receipts that relate to your bike. Whether you are buying a new or a secondhand bike, getting it serviced or fixed, or buying accessories — always ask for a receipt! These receipts are a vital history and proof of your ownership. Keep them together in your file.