Lieutenant Ken MacKenzie

(972) 883-2572
[email protected]

Lt. MacKenzie is the Commander of the Criminal Investigations Division for the UT Dallas Police Department. He started with UT Dallas in February 2010 after having served as National Law Enforcement Liaison and Trainer for an automated license plate recognition company.

Lt. MacKenzie retired as the senior detective of the Richardson, Texas, Police Department where he served from 1977 – 2008. During his career with Richardson, he served as the founding Director of the Texas Automobile Theft Prevention Authority's Reduce Auto Theft in Texas. He is known around the country for his expertise in auto theft prevention and investigations. Lt. MacKenzie has assisted the FBI and U.S. Attorney's Office in teaching auto theft prevention and investigation classes in South Africa, Australia, Holland, the UK, and Canada. Lt. MacKenzie's investigative experience includes several major cases that have received both national and international attention.

Lt. MacKenzie is past president of both the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators and the Texas Association of Vehicle Theft Investigators. Lt. MacKenzie has won several awards for both his investigative work and his involvement with professional groups and programs where he served as either an officer or official government appointee.

Lt. MacKenzie enjoys assisting students and student groups in crime awareness and prevention programs. He is active around campus, serving on the University's B.A.I.T. program and working closely with faculty offices during investigations and police information programs.