Chief Larry Zacharias

(972) 883-2232
[email protected]

Chief Zacharias has been the UT Dallas Police Chief since September 2009. Prior to joining UT Dallas, Chief Zacharias was with the Richardson, Texas, police department for 32 years, starting as a patrol officer and working his way up the ranks. He retired as Richardson's chief in January 2009. During his career as a police administrator, Chief Zacharias has served as the legislative director for the Texas Police Chiefs Association and still serves as a member of the Environmental Crimes Committee for the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Chief Zacharias has been awarded the Texas Police Chiefs Association's "Career Achievement Award" and was named the Richardson Citizen of the Year in 2008. In 2011, Chief Zacharias was named UT System Chief of the Year.

Chief Zacharias believes strongly in community policing and developing partnerships with all aspects of the University Community. He actively attends student and staff events, and places strong emphasis with his employees to be active on campus to develop partnerships and trust. Chief Zacharias works very closely with Student Affairs and the Dean of Students offices to help with incidents where students have been involved in police activity.