Building Access

The Building Access Authorization Form is used to gain access to UT Dallas buildings and rooms that require Comet Card access. Building access requests are processed by the UT Dallas Police Department.

Questions about card access can be directed to [email protected]. Special event requests should be handled via the Special Event Registration Form. Door access should be granted within two business days of the receipt of the form. Forms must be filled out electronically, not hand-written. The form may be filled out, printed, signed, scanned and then emailed to the Police Department at [email protected]. The submitting department can also complete the form using a digital signature inside Acrobat, and then emailing the document directly. This second option is preferable as it eliminates the need for a paper form completely. Forms will be returned if not properly completed or approved.

The Building Access Authorization Form only applies to Comet Card readers. If routine access to any building or room is controlled by a standard brass key, key fob, transponder, or key pad, contact Facilities Management. Key fobs and transponders are used primarily to access AD 3.102 and the AD "mud slab," Center for BrainHealth, and Materials Accumulation Facility. Several departments manage doors with key pads. For access to those doors, contact the individual departments directly.

Department-Controlled Buildings

The Police Department controls Comet Card readers in most buildings, especially shared buildings. Access for some buildings and rooms is controlled by individual departments. Consult the table below for department-controlled buildings. Each department is responsible for creating its own access form (if desired), regularly auditing access lists, maintaining access records, and informing the Police Department of any problems.

Building Departmental Contact(s) Customized Form?
Activities Center (AB) Tricia Losavio, x2061 No
Arts and Technology (ATC) Brett Roby, x4338 No
Callier Dallas Don Davis, x6176 No
Engineering and Computer Science
Tarun Basu, x4582 No
EPPS Computer Labs (GR) Karl Ho, x2017 No
Office of Information Technology Computer Labs Jacob Abraham, x2389 No
Natural Science & Engineering
Research Lab (NSERL) and
Bioengineering Science Building (BSB)
Wallace Martin, x4302
Shannon Gaspard, x5783
NSERL Access
NSERL Vivarium Sanaz Okhovat, x4579 No
Residence Halls Pam McElrath, x5565 No
Student Media (SU) Darla Dougherty, x2286 No
Student Success Center (MC) Lynn Butler, x5483 No

For ALL other buildings, Building Access Authorization Forms should be sent to the UT Dallas Police Department at PD11.

Required Information

The standard Building Access Authorization Form is an Adobe Acrobat PDF document. You will need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader or another PDF application to fill out the form. Forms must be filled out electronically for document-scanning purposes; handwritten forms will be rejected and returned to the department.

The door access system contains a list of all enrolled students, employed faculty, employed staff, and holders of "Affiliate" Comet Cards. Students, faculty, and staff cannot be granted access to doors unless they are enrolled or actively employed (as provided by the Orion and Gemini PeopleSoft systems). New employees must be processed fully by the Budget, Human Resources, Payroll, and Data Management departments before they may have building access. Once access is granted, the system will automatically import a new card number for a replaced, lost, or broken card. A new form is not required when a new card has been issued.

For the standard Building Access Authorization Form, a valid signature is required for all internal and external door requests. For internal doors, a sponsor, director, or lab director must sign the form. For external doors, a dean or vice president must sign. No proxy signatures will be accepted without prior authorization from the dean or vice president (i.e., no associate dean or AA signature will be accepted without prior authorization). Forms lacking the proper signature(s) will be rejected and returned to the department.

Dates and Times

Each form must indicate whether this is a request for new access or a request to revoke existing access. For a new request, the "Effective Date" will be a START date for acess. For revoking access, the "Effective Date" will be used as an END date.

Each building or door request must also include allowable access times. Many users may request "24/7" access for all days and all times. Please indicate whether this person will need access on University holidays. Most buildings are locked and will not be accessible when the University is closed (holidays, intersession weekends, or emergency closures).


The Building Access Authorization Form should be filled out completely, printed, signed, and then sent to the UT Dallas Police Department. The form can be submitted in campus mail to mail stop PD11 or scanned and submitted via E-Mail to [email protected]. Access is normally granted within two business days of the receipt of the form.