Health Professions Advising Center

Pre-Health Student Organizations

Student organizations provide venues for pre-health students to help each other study, select classes wisely, find volunteer and work opportunities, and develop friendships.

HPAC recommends that every pre-health student remain active in one or more of these organizations while at UT Dallas.

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Alpha Epsilon Delta

Alpha Epsilon Delta is the National Health Preprofessional Honor Society, dedicated to excellence in preprofessional health studies. The Society welcomes all pre-health students. AED offers opportunities for professional development, social connections, and service to UT Dallas and the community.

Contact Justin Raman

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)

HOSA enriches student interest in health care through exposure to health professions, volunteer events, and medical-based competitions.

Contact Meiline Troeung

Post Baccalaureate Pre-Health Society

We are a group of students from a variety of backgrounds who share a common goal: becoming health care professionals. Our organization provides opportunities for students to learn more about the health professions, engage in community service, and meet fellow post-bacc students. We are fortunate to have members who have “been there” before and are willing to offer guidance as you complete your post-baccalaureate studies and professional school applications.

Contact Angela Adhikari

Molding Doctors

Molding Doctors (MD) connects pre-med students to course planning, tutoring, MCAT preparation, volunteer and mentorship opportunities, and career planning.

Contact Ammar Adenwalla

Pre-SOMA (Student Osteopathic Medical Association)

Pre-SOMA(D.O.) is an organization for pre-medical students interested in Osteopathic medicine that provides volunteer opportunities, mentorships for students applying to D.O. schools, and collaborations with current medical students to provide knowledge about the field of medicine. We are passionate about preventative medicine, nutrition, and overall health of patients. We want to inspire pre-medical students to join our journey in becoming successful future Osteopathic physicians.

Contact Alison Mathers


American Medical Student Association is a pre-med organization focusing on delivering volunteer opportunities and equipping individuals with the right tools to succeed on their premed journey including but not limited to MCAT prep and medical school interviews. We work to create a network of premedical and medical students in collaboration to form a better society.

Contact Kaitlyn Luckock

Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS)

The Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (MAPS) is committed to supporting current and future underrepresented minority medical students, addressing the needs of underserved communities, and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent, and socially conscious physicians.

Contact Rodolfo Zevallos

Pre-Dental Association

The Pre-Dental Association (PDA) organizes group volunteering, dental school visits, and social events for its members. PDA also brings in guest speakers and provides help with the DAT and dental school applications.

Contact Shahriar Shawn Ramezani

Pre-Optometry Professional Society

The Pre-Optometry Professional Society (POPS) brings in guest speakers and organizes social events for its members. POPS also helps students to contact optometrists for volunteering and shadowing.

Contact Erin Abraham

Pre-Physician Assistant Society

The Pre-Physician Assistant Society is for students interested in pursuing a career in the medical field as a physician assistant. It provides opportunities to gain knowledge and experience in the medical field, through community service and by shadowing PAs. It informs students of the history and the purpose of the profession and provides information about the process of applying for PA school.

Contact Ricki Eugenio

Pre-Pharmacy Association

The Pre-Pharmacy Association (PPA) assists students who are interested in pursuing pharmaceutical degrees and careers. We host guest speakers and provide volunteering opportunities and resources to achieve success as a pre-pharmacy student. The goals and objectives of the Pre-Pharmacy Association are to function as an academic, informative, and social support system for Pre-Pharmacy students at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Contact Rachel Mercer

Pre OT & Pre PT Association

We are an organization for students interested in pursuing a career in physical therapy or occupational therapy. Our main goal is to help students better prepare their applications for graduate school and ultimately become great healthcare professionals. This is done through guest speakers, volunteer opportunities, tech jobs, and campus visits. For more information, please join our Facebook page at UTD Pre OT & Pre PT Association.

Contact Mary Abella

Pre-Veterinary Association

The Pre-Veterinary Medicine Society is an organization whose members are interested in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. Our organization aims to help students prepare for vet school applications and to provide useful resources and opportunities designed to enhance its members' experience within the field of veterinary medicine. The society’s activities range from guest speakers, volunteer opportunities, and field trips.

Contact Amber Shanks

Shadowing in Medicine (SIM)

SIM allows students to gain insight on the practical aspects of healthcare, build rapport with professionals, and develop interpersonal and technical skills. When finished with the internship, students can apply their gained knowledge towards career decisions that aid them in being admitted to the professional school of their choice.

Contact Saba Saber-Tehrani

Helping Hands

A service organization directed towards underprivileged children in and around our community. Improving the education and nutrition of these children can bring them closer to breaking their cycles of dependence. We plan to achieve this through our volunteering, tutoring ,and "give back" events like Adopt-a-kid. Though Helping Hands is a pre-health organization, our events are both pre-health and non pre-health related.

Contact Eleni Rigopoulos


CometTHON is an organization that supports the Children's Medical Center of Dallas. We spend the year raising funds and awareness for Children's through fun events and activities that support the kids at the hospital. Everything we do is FOR THE KIDS. We are nationally affiliated with Children's Miracle Network Dance Marathon, a nationwide movement of students at schools and universities across the country who choose to make a difference and stand for the kids who can't.

Contact Mackenzie Flynn


END7 at UT Dallas focuses on a very significant global health issue: neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). NTDs receive relatively little attention and funding even though they infect over 1 billion people and can be treated with medicine that costs only 50 cents. Through various events and fundraisers, this club aims to promote awareness about these diseases and raise money to treat those suffering from them.

Contact Elaine Ramirez

Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP)

JAMP is a special program created to support and encourage highly qualified, economically disadvantaged students pursuing medical education.

Contact Shirley Anderson

Global Medical & Dental Brigades

Global Brigades is an international non-profit organization that has mobilized thousands of university students and professionals through programs that work in partnership with community members to improve quality of life in under-resourced regions while respecting local culture. In our chapter, we plan to raise money and go to Nicaragua in May 2018 to help doctors and dentists set up medical and dental clinics in underserved communities. This opportunity gives you a chance to make a difference on a global scale.

Contact Rachel Smith

University Emergency Medical Response

University Emergency Medical Response is an initiative focused on providing quality, campus-centered emergency medical care to the UT Dallas campus. It is a First-Responder Organization with professionally trained students, faculty, and staff volunteers, and will be on-scene to treat emergent medical cases. In truly emergent cases, seconds save lives, and UEMR will help shorten response time and improve the accessibility of care for members of the UT Dallas community.

Contact Umer Nadir