Office of the President

UT Dallas Strategic Plan

Achieving the vision and goals of this university will require that all stakeholders—faculty, staff, students, business leaders, philanthropists, teachers, civic leaders—unite and work to help UT Dallas establish world-rank stature. Because that synergy is so important, I recently invited all of these stakeholders to contribute to a strategic plan that will guide UT Dallas during the next 10 years and beyond.

The purpose of the strategic plan is to:

  • Define the institution that UT Dallas aspires to be
  • State its vision and mission
  • Identify its goals
  • Outline the strategies necessary to achieve these goals
  • Spell out an implementation plan
  • Identify measures of progress

The strategic plan highlights the importance of UT Dallas to the economic health of the Dallas-Fort Worth region. Texas and Dallas need UT Dallas to become a great research university in order to support its massive economy, which amounts to approximately $900 billion of gross state product per year.

The strategic plan also highlights six strategic initiatives for success:

1) Discovering tomorrow’s inventions today, which includes investing heavily in research. This is already happening through the “Invent Tomorrow” campaign, part of the much-publicized Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science Research Enterprise Initiative, a collaboration among UT Dallas, Texas Instruments and the State of Texas. UT Dallas is also committed to investing in more research in such areas as biomedical sciences and nanotechnology.

2) Preparing students for tomorrow’s challenges by educating them to be not just scholars, but also leaders who can succeed in a global economy. To do this, UT Dallas will explore new and innovative fields and will continue to expand upon and interrelate various fields of study. Establishing “living-learning” communities of students and faculty will also allow us to respond to student and faculty needs and concerns in and out of the classroom. We will grow our investment in our people by continuing to invest in recruitment and retention, student and campus life, and cultural, professional and social organizations. And we will continue to embrace a diverse UT Dallas community in order to enrich the learning experience for our students and prepare them for an increasingly diverse, global marketplace.

3) Managing change in a constantly changing society by implementing a campus-wide “dynamic change management” program and by continuing to found and fund innovative centers and institutes that will become global leaders in specialized and interdisciplinary areas, like our Callier Center for Communications Disorders and our Center for BrainHealth.

4) Securing the safety of the future by contributing to national and global security through our excellent programs in information security, geospatial information sciences and other fields, and by addressing concerns about energy and our environment as we do with several of our programs and schools.

5) Improving the health and quality of life of individuals and society through research in medicine, health, life sciences and other areas that impact the public.

6) Making a great city even greater by producing great teachers and administrators from our graduating ranks and by continuing to invest in academic programs that study ways to improve K-12 education in Texas; by investing in the arts and providing cultural events and opportunities for the community; by contributing to business growth through educating leaders and collaborating with industry; and by providing community outreach. We will also continue to invest in new facilities and enhancements to campus, including a mixed-use land development called University Village. UT Dallas will become a bigger, better and more beautiful gathering place for people from the surrounding communities of North Dallas, Richardson and Plano.

The strategic plan also identifies a series of key quantitative targets that will drive UT Dallas toward its goal of becoming a top-tier research institution:

  • Double the size of the faculty to 800
  • Add 5,000 new students to raise the full-time student body to 15,000 students
  • More than double research funding from $42 million in 2005 to at least $100 million within 10 years
  • Improve communications and marketing programs in order to more effectively tell UT Dallas’ impressive story
  • Improve the rate of alumni annual giving to 11 percent within 10 years
  • Increase the UT Dallas endowment to at least $320 million
  • Increase the number of PhDs granted to 300 per year
  • Enhance graduation rates so that 50 percent of students graduate within four years and 75 percent graduate within six years, which is well above the national average
  • Reduce administrative costs to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all the university’s operations

Updated: June 2, 2015