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The President’s Viewpoint

The President’s Viewpoint was a newsletter from the desk of Dr. David Daniel, fourth president of The University of Texas at Dallas.

84th Texas Legislature — Positive Results for UT Dallas

Over the past decade (and five legislative sessions), this letter has often described the smart investments made by the state of Texas in UT Dallas and higher education overall. This report on the just-concluded 84th legislative session is also my last President's Viewpoint.
June 2015

Seeking Answers to Society's Important Questions

It might surprise some to know that UT Dallas — known for world-class research in the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics — is deliberately engaged in rigorous social sciences education and research.
April 2015

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Cultural exchange and intellectual rigor stand out as part of our University’s heritage. Diversity is an opportunity for educational growth.
March 2015

Return on Investment: Naveen Jindal School of Management

Progress at UT Dallas is measured in a number of ways — enrollment, infrastructure, programs, and our standing among peers. Of late, I've been struck by the extraordinary markers of progress at the Naveen Jindal School of Management (JSOM).
February 2015

Cultural Opportunities Grow with Campus

Visitors attending exhibits, performances and lectures are discovering that the physical changes at UT Dallas are making for a pedestrian-friendly campus with structures ideally suited for a range of activities.
January 2015

Campaign Lights the Way to Tier One

On a crystal clear October evening, students, faculty and community supporters joined me in watching pyrotechnics illuminate the sky above campus as we celebrated Realize the Vision: The Campaign for Tier One and Beyond.
December 2014

Coping with the Challenges of Success

Neither a calendar nor cooling temperatures are necessary to cue me to the changing of the seasons. I know it is fall at UT Dallas by the number of students perched in every possible study spot on campus.
October 2014

Living Learning Communities Offer Homes Away from Home

As president of a rapidly growing university and as a parent myself, I know how difficult the transition from high school to college can be for first-year students and how life-changing the college experience can be.
September 2014

UT Dallas Faculty and Students Lead the Way in Exploration of the Brain

In the early 1990s, the federal government launched a 15-year program to map the human genome, and in the process revolutionized the way researchers conducted science.
June 2014

Enriching the Total College Experience, Campus Enhancement Continues

As I look out my office window, there's no mistaking that the north end of the campus mall is in a bit of upheaval — but for a very good reason.
April 2014

Athletes Compete for Love of Sport, Get a Great Educational Experience

March Madness hit campus this month. Following terrific conference play by both the women's and the men's basketball teams, the men won the American Southwest Conference Championship and advanced to the NCAA Division III National Tournament.
March 2014

Lighting a Creative Spark in North Texas

The University of Texas at Dallas has a particular and distinguished story to tell about its faculty, students, and staff and the excellence and innovative nature of their work and achievements.
March 2014

Realize the Vision: Campaign Enters Final Push Toward $200 Million Goal

Five years ago, UT Dallas quietly began planning for a milestone in its history: our first comprehensive fundraising campaign.
December 2013

Opening Doors for Young Scientists

UT Dallas faculty members are passionate about research, discovery and innovation.
November 2013

A Commitment to Academic Excellence, Smart Growth and Value

Fall is a time of quickening excitement around campus. Students return, among them thousands of freshmen leaving home for the first time. Faculty and staff reconnect and show new colleagues the ropes.
October 2013

Green Innovations: Working to Extend Resources, Develop New Ones

Even as UT Dallas' positive impact in North Texas expands, we're committed to keeping our environmental footprint as small and as light as possible.
September 2013

Whooshing Around the World with Study Abroad

If you read our UT Dallas Magazine, perhaps you've noticed one of my favorite features: "A Whoosh Heard 'round the World."
May 2013

UTeach Dallas: Transforming Science and Math Education

In 2007, Amiee Himler enrolled in UT Dallas' School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics to pursue a bachelor's degree in a field she loves—mathematics.
April 2013

50 Years of Caring: Collaboration Key to Callier Center Success

In its 50th year, the University's Callier Center for Communication Disorders represents the pinnacle of clinical care, research and education.
February 2013

Transforming Medical Education—A Partnership for Better Medicine

More than half the counties in Texas desperately need health care professionals, especially physicians, according to recent federal statistics.
January 2013

Moving Toward Tier One: 2,500 Doctoral Graduates, and Growing

While preparing for winter graduation ceremonies recently, I realized that UT Dallas has reached a milestone: more than 2,500 doctoral students have graduated from the University.
December 2012

Jess Hay: A Voice of Support for UT Dallas

A few nights ago, I had the pleasure of announcing our current standing in the ongoing fundraising campaign. We're at $127 million and growing!
October 2012

Change is the Constant, Excellence the Central Requirement: New Degree Programs Serve Students and Through Them, Our World

It's fall, and campus is abuzz with new students and faculty. It's a great time to review changes at UT Dallas over the past few years and to consider where we are headed.
September 2012

First Comprehensive Campaign Sets $200 Million Goal

On March 29, our campus paused to note what will become a milestone in University history—the announcement of our first comprehensive fundraising campaign.
May 2012

First Facebook, Then Twitter, Now ATEC

One month before Facebook was founded as a private company, at a time when "twitter" had more to do with birds than with the Internet, UT Dallas began an experiment combining science and engineering with the creative arts and humanities.
April 2012

By the Numbers, Yet Rankings Are Only Part of Our Story

Recently, one of our undergrads who applied to several leading medical schools learned that his preference, the University of Michigan, would inform applicants of their status via email at midnight on a certain date.
March 2012

Controlling Tuition Increases

President Barack Obama recently said, “Let me put colleges and universities on notice: If you can’t stop tuition from going up, the funding you get from taxpayers will go down.”
February 2012

Higher Education as a Tool for Building Global Community

A few weeks ago, The Dallas Morning News nominated Naveen Jindal as a candidate for Texan of the Year, a recognition bestowed annually, and one for which I was deeply honored to be a finalist two years ago.
November 2011

Growing Excellence, One Student at a Time

Fall is my favorite time of year. The temperatures drop and activity on campus picks up. This fall is no exception: with more than 19,000 students, the campus is more vibrant and alive than ever.
October 2011

Creating a Sense of Place Where We’re Creating the Future

Respected as we are in the arenas of research and teaching—and feared in chess circles around the world—the UT Dallas community has long felt the need for something more in terms of the University’s physical presence.
October 2010

Tier One? U.S. News Rankings Encourage Us to Strive Toward Our Goals

We were 72nd among all public universities in our category. We were 3rd among Texas public universities, trailing UT Austin and Texas A&M. And we were No. 1 among Texas’ seven emerging research universities.
September 2010

Creating Our Future, One “Aha!” at a Time

For educators, few experiences equal witnessing a student’s “aha!” moment. Breakthroughs fuel a student’s determination to succeed, and confirm a professor’s worth as a teacher and mentor.
June 2010

Thank You: Our Donors Leverage a Potential $31 Million in Research Funding

As the semester opens, we have great news to share. We have just announced the receipt of $16.8 million, representing 16 gifts, seven of them $1 million or more—more gifts of that size than have ever been received in one day by our University.
September 2009

A Report on UT Dallas Outcomes from the 81st Legislative Session

Every two years when the Texas Legislature completes its work, we are reminded of how lucky we are to have the full faith and backing of the State of Texas. We are mindful that we owe our supporters — both our legislative representatives and the citizens they serve — excellent information with which to make decisions about funding requests, and excellent performance on the goals we set.
July 2009

Overachievers on a Mission: Four Years of UT Dallas People and Their Accomplishments

As preparation for spring commencement got underway, one of the staff noted that this graduation would include the first undergraduate class whose studies took place entirely during my time as president. Four years is what many of us think of as a typical undergraduate’s college career.
June 2009

Callier Center Celebrates Worldwide Excellence

In the University’s quest for national standing as a research institution, we often take note of how external authorities recognize excellence at UT Dallas. As UT Dallas becomes known for excellence, however, it’s not enough just to toot the institutional horn about the achievements of our faculty and students.
April 2009

At UT Dallas, Teamwork Matters

In era of increasing competition for funding and innovation, when the stakes of commercialization have never been higher or more globally distributed, why would we think about collaborating and sharing the credit for advances?
November 2008

Recognizing Commitment and Hard Work: Academic Bridge

Successful alumni, especially those who graduated some years ago, often say "I don’t think I would have been admitted to UT Dallas today."
May 2008

UT Dallas' Goal: Math and Science Performance that Sparkles like GEMS

The performance of high school students on math and science tests is a national disgrace, chronicled in books such as the recently published Rising Above the Gathering Storm, from the National Academies Press.
February 2008

UT Dallas Outcomes

About a year ago, U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings issued a report calling for more accountability on the part of universities for outcomes among students—that is, some measure of how students are changed by the experiences they have on America’s college campuses.
November 2007

A New Name:
Meet the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences

Last summer, the UT Dallas school formerly known as Social Sciences became the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences, to better reflect its character and work.
September 2007

The 80th Texas Legislature –
Important New Investments for UT Dallas’ Future

UT Dallas is on a journey to transform itself into one of the best universities in the state and nation. Accomplishing this won’t be easy and it won’t be possible without adequate funding.
July 2007

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Laboratory:
Smart and Good-looking

Some of our longtime campus inhabitants like to describe UT Dallas’ location as “deep in the smart of Texas.” Who can blame them? Our freshmen boast the highest average entering SAT score in Texas; our faculty includes a Nobel laureate, grant-winning researchers and outstanding teachers; our alumni include an astronaut, founders of profitable nanotech companies and more women graduates in the computer sciences than any other university in the nation.
May 2007

March Madness – UT Dallas Style
UT Dallas celebrated its own brand of March Madness, scoring and winning in several academic venues. We’ll start with the Final Four... of chess. In a matchup that made some consider what you’d get if Bobby Knight coached Bobby Fischer, our chess team outdid itself once again, winning the national championship by beating Duke and the University of Maryland, Baltimore. 
April 2007

UT Dallas School of Management
It’s natural, when we think about the success of our programs, to look at how we stack up against others. So, it’s a pleasure to share some excellent news in that regard about our School of Management. As Dean Hasan Pirkul began his 11th academic year at The University of Texas at Dallas, the SOM was ranked 23rd worldwide in research productivity by the Top One Hundred Business Schools Research Rankings™. 
March 2007

UT Dallas Guaranteed Tuition Plan
We could all benefit from access to a crystal ball that would show us the future, couldn’t we? At The University of Texas at Dallas, we like to say we’re creating the future. One way we’re shaping our vision of what’s to come is by creating a new approach to managing tuition costs.
January 2007

Arts and Technology... Applied Humanities
The University of Texas at Dallas’ commitment to lead in emerging fields of science and technology is consistent with both our unique history as the brainchild of innovators and our special mission to advance research in the name of economic benefit to Texas.
November 2006

Update on Project Emmitt
One of the most significant and collaborative economic development projects ever supported by the State of Texas involves an innovative consortium of government, industry and educational institutions spearheaded by Texas Instruments (TI), the State of Texas, The University of Texas System, UT Dallas, City of Richardson, Collin County, Collin County Community College and Plano ISD.
October 2006

The Future Starts Here
As I watch students returning to campus and enjoy seeing the arrival of our entering freshmen, I am reminded of my first day on the UT Dallas campus a little more than a year ago. Much like our students, I arrived here filled with ambition, hope and possibilities for the future.
September 2006

New Bill Funds UT Dallas’ Top Priorities
Legislative support is critical to the continued excellence of UT Dallas and our efforts to keep tuition as low as possible. A recently passed bill, HB 153, demonstrates our local state legislators’ continued commitment to supporting our growth.
May 2006

Investing in Endless Possibilities
“Creating the Future” has become something of a mantra for all of us at UT Dallas because it invokes ideas of potential and possibility.
April 2006

A Shared Trajectory Toward Greatness
As UT Dallas evolves into a world-class research university, it has the potential to make a great city even greater.
March 2006

Smart for DART and UT Dallas
Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is considering an expansion project that could potentially put The University of Texas on the light rail map.
February 2006

Premier Issue
The Dallas-Fort Worth area — or the Metroplex, as it also is known — is one of the most dynamic, vital, exciting regions in the United States.
January 2006

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