President David E. Daniel

December 2013


Realize the Vision: Campaign Enters Final Push Toward $200 Million Goal

Five years ago, UT Dallas quietly began planning for a milestone in its history: our first comprehensive fundraising campaign. We set an ambitious goal for a first-time effort – $200 million in five years.

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At the Celebration of Support event in October, another record-setting year was announced.

And as of Oct. 31, Realize the Vision: The Campaign for Tier One & Beyond has raised more than $191 million. Our effort is expected to conclude in December 2014.

I am gratified and appreciative of this overwhelming show of support in just four years. Investments have been made by thousands of alumni and friends, local and global companies, and charitable foundations. Our supporters have made possible a remarkable list of achievements, including:

  • 29 gifts of $1 million or greater.
  • 22,074 total gifts (up from 13,687 in the four years prior to the campaign).
  • Endowment growth from $195 million to $321 million.
  • Doubling of the number of individual endowment funds from 169 to more than 340.
  • Nearly 40 new planned gifts—bequests, charitable gift annuities and life insurance—valued at more than $13 million.

Why does this matter? More than ever, the future will belong to the smartest and most creative human talent, and to the cities, states, and nations that attract and nurture such talent. Access to leading research universities, regardless of ability to pay, is at the heart of the American dream. Without the generous support of donors, too many of our most talented young people will not be able to attend college. Our donors not only keep this dream alive for so many, but they ensure that UT Dallas continues to evolve into just the type of institution that is so vital in assuring future prosperity and societal advancement.

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Financial investments in the University have an immediate impact and lasting results. Scholarship support allows our highly qualified students to focus their energy on conducting the kind of research that helps them succeed in attaining the graduate and medical school placements they seek. New chairs and professorships allow us to recruit more top faculty members, and fellowships enable them to recruit the graduate students who can help carry out the work of research and development of new ideas. All of these investments move us toward the Tier One status that is this University's destiny. Research support drives discovery and innovation, the very core of the work that improves our health and our lives.

As we enter the closing stage of this broad-based effort, I encourage you to share the news of our success with your friends and colleagues. UT Dallas is a driving force for innovation and progress. We are on the path to becoming one of the very best public research universities in America, and the resources provided through the Realize the Vision campaign will undoubtedly accelerate our efforts to get there. We'll all be the beneficiaries of this success.

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