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UT Dallas Strategic Plan

Achieving the vision and goals of this university will require that all stakeholders — faculty, staff, students, business leaders, philanthropists, teachers and civic leaders — unite to help UT Dallas achieve world-rank stature. Because that synergy is so important, all of these stakeholders have contributed to a strategic plan that will guide UT Dallas.

The purpose of the strategic plan is to:

  • Define the institution that UT Dallas aspires to be.
  • State its vision and mission.
  • Identify its goals.
  • Outline the strategies necessary to achieve these goals.
  • Spell out an implementation plan.
  • Identify measures of progress.

The strategic plan highlights the importance of UT Dallas to the prosperity of the Dallas-Fort Worth region. Texas needs UT Dallas to become a great research university to support its massive economy, estimated at $1.7 trillion in yearly gross state product.