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Catering Process

UTD has a new food service contract with Chartwells. Please continue to select Chartwells as your first choice of caterers, especially for events of 25 or more people and/or when there will be alcohol present as this is Best Value and eliminates campus risk.

What is a catered event at UT Dallas?

Any gathering where food, beverages, and/or liquor, is provided in which the vendor typically provides set‐up (including the use of caterer‐provided equipment, i.e., chafers, carafes, urns, etc.), food service/onsite preparation, and clean-up. Caterers are required to comply with University policy including having proper certifications, licenses, and insurance.

Some examples of events with catering:

  • Social Events
  • Official Receptions
  • Development Events
  • Alumni Receptions
What is a non-catered event at UT Dallas?

A "non-catered" event consists of food/beverage delivery or drop off only for less than 25 individuals. The delivery person does not provide onsite service. There is no set-up, no serving of food/beverage, and no clean-up. Examples include purchase of food from Sam’s Club, Grocery Stores, and Sandwich/Deli shops.

The One Card may be used for non-catered events when the vendor does not require a contract and the cost of the event is within the card’s single transaction limit. Event documentation (receipts, guest list, business purpose) must be maintained by the card user for auditing purposes.

Pizza delivery, regardless of group size, is exempt from the outside catering request process.

Catering with Chartwells

Working with the University’s preferred partner is easy, convenient, and provides service anywhere on campus. Benefits of using Chartwells Catering include:

  • An approved purchase order is not required.
  • The department's cost center is charged directly by ordering through Chartwells online system (Catertrax):
  • The department does not need to collect a certificate of liability insurance for events.
  • Chartwells also offers on-campus retail catering by Subway, Moe’s Southwest, Chick-fil-A, Einstein Bros. Bagels and Papa John’s pizza through
  • Chartwells’ full-service, turn-key catering is located on campus. As opposed to an outside caterer whose kitchen is off-site, Chartwells is able to quickly react prior to, and during, your event.
Non-University Caterers hired for catered events

The University’s contract includes an exclusion process that allows for alternative catering services in the event Chartwells is unable to meet a department’s catering needs. All exemption requests must be submitted in advance in writing using the exception request form.

  1. The online Outside Catering Request form may be found at:
  2. If the outside catering request is approved, then an approved purchase order is required due to onsite labor, vendor requirements, and contractual agreements.

All requisitions received after March 1, 2018 must have the approved exemption request attached to the requisition when requesting the service. Requisitions submitted without documentation of the required approval will not be processed. Other catering vendors who provide on campus services have been notified that university purchasing cards may not be used for services with them after March 1st and they should have an authorized university purchase order prior to providing services. Any invoice submitted for payment without an authorized university purchase order will not be paid.

Specific Procurement guidelines:

  • All requisitions must include exception request form and be submitted PRIOR to the event date
  • Requisitions without paperwork or approval will not be processed
  • One Cards may no longer be used for full catered services
  • All catering invoices must include a PO to be processed for payment
  • Submit the quote and/or contract via the non-catalog item - do not use the Request for Check form with a quote or invoice

Further information may be found at:

  • Contact Auxiliary Services (x6248) for additional questions concerning the exemption request process.
  • Contact Procurement Management (x2300) for additional questions concerning purchase orders or purchasing cards.
  • Contact Catering (x2269) for additional questions concerning availability and menus.

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