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Procurement Management Relocation Payment Guidelines

For new hires starting after January 1, 2018, the UT Dallas Procurement Office is available to work with Hiring Departments to offer new employees a flat relocation payment for distribution during the month prior to their start date. This one-time payment, approved by the Dean or Vice President, must be specified in the Letter of Offer. Upon acceptance by the new hire, Hiring Departments should submit a check request through eProcurement with the fully-signed Letter of Offer and funding instructions attached. The Procurement Office will then complete the payment transaction when the requisition is approved through the workflow process.

It is strongly recommended that the Letter of Offer require at least a year of service for retention of the relocation payment, and note clearly that the entire amount will appear as taxable income in the employee’s W-2, as no taxes are withheld at time of payment.

While the Procurement Office will continue to supply a listing of trusted moving companies, no payments to moving companies will be made on a new hire’s behalf. Instead, the employee may use the relocation payment at their discretion for any relocation-related costs, including moving, house-hunting travel, temporary lodging and other expenses.

This process will allow UT Dallas to provide a relocation benefit in accordance with current tax laws, while offering new employees more freedom to make their own decisions during a move.

Please contact Adam Cantwell in Payroll or Jené Janich in Procurement with any questions.

  • The department should use the Request for Check form in eProcurement
  • The vendor must be set up with the correct mailing address for check or the direct deposit
  • The Letter of Offer must be included as support for the payment

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