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Purchasing oversees all purchases of goods and services made by the University, either directly or via the delegated purchasing methods.

Purchasing Methods

There are two ways to purchase at UTD:

  1. Purchase using a UTD departmental Purchasing MasterCard.
  2. Submission of an eProcurement requisition through Galaxy. Catalog purchase options must be used before other non-catalog options. Emergency purchases should be cleared through Procurement prior to placing an order.

Note: Purchases outside the 2 methods above could result in a personal obligation.

Dollar Threshold Bidding Rules


UT Dallas Department
Driven  Purchases

Procurement Department
Driven Purchases


≥15,000.01 to

≥50,000.01 to


No bid needed:
Use vendor of choice. Departments are encouraged to use contract vendors and to practice good faith to award based on best value.




Informal bid process:
Three (3) bids or informal quotes with a minimum of two (2) from certified HUBS. Departments are encouraged to practice good faith and award based on best value. Justification for no bidding must be fully explained in the requisition. Assistance with informal quotes will be provided by Purchasing.




Formal bid process:
The formal solicitation process is completed by the Procurement Department.  Assistance from the requestor is necessary.


Exclusive Acquisition Justification: 
Exclusive Acquisition Justification form should be attached electronically to a requisition when the request includes a specialized purchase that can only be purchased from a specific source.


Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD) Posting:
All university formal solicitations (bids) are listed by UT Dallas Purchasing specialists.



Determine subcontracts & HUB subcontracting plan:
Determination is made by UT Dallas Purchasing Buyers based on initial estimate of expense and opportunities available with the purchase. Plan is required for all purchases of $100k or more.



Consultant procurement process:
Any study conducted by an outside source could be designated as a consultant purchase.

Rules To Be Followed for All University Purchases

  • Verbal orders from UTD Departments without Procurement office authorization might be a personal obligation of that individual and not the University.