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Travel Management

Travel Management does not make direct travel arrangements for the university community. Travel offers information and customer service to assist in travel planning, travel-related paperwork, and travel-related payment/reimbursement requests. They oversee the travel contracts (airfare, car rental and hotel) and process all payments and reimbursements related to travel for UT Dallas.

For quick access to all travel-related forms, visit the Procurement Management Forms page.

askYODA is a resource for specific questions and concerns, or contact travel management at [email protected] for assistance.

Planning Your Trip

Travel Authorization

An authorization for official business travel should be done in advance of a trip. The authorization should be approved by the immediate supervisor and kept in the department. This includes all travel for employees, prospective employees, independent contractors and students.

Independent Contractor

Departments must complete the Independent Contractor eForm in eProcurement for all non-employee independent contractors traveling for the university for the purpose of providing compensated services. Travel reimbursements are submitted separately via Request for Check after the services have been provided. The university prefers the independent contractor to purchase travel services out-of-pocket and seek a Reimbursement Request upon completion of travel.

Booking Airfare

The state of Texas and UT System have contracts with agencies to give travelers reduced fares, discounts and additional services. The following information outlines the use of state and UT System contracted airfare.

All faculty, staff and students are required to use the University Travel agencies when traveling on University funds. All airfare purchases must be economy/coach class.

Travelers can book airfare via Concur in Galaxy.

Hotel Reservations

Travelers can make hotel reservations via:

  • Concur in Galaxy
  • Calling the hotel of choice.
  • Local area hotel for University guests – UT Dallas has established the ability to use a One Card when guests are staying there. The Hotel Reference Sheet provides further information on specific UT Dallas State and Governmental rates available at these hotels. Any further questions should be directed to [email protected]

Conference hotel rates are reimbursable only when you provide support documentation from the conference to show the rate is legitimate. Otherwise, you will be held accountable for the actual cost up to the maximum daily reimbursement for the city you are in.

Texas Hotel Sales Tax Exemption      

Hotels in Texas are business tax exemption from state taxes only. City and Local taxes will apply. To receive the exemption, present the Hotel Tax Exemption Certificate to the hotel when paying. If a hotel refuses to accept the tax exemption form, make a note of this on the Travel Voucher, and the tax will be reimbursable.

Rental Cars

Travelers can book a rental car via:

  1. Concur in Galaxy
  2. Contracted travel agencies.

Car rentals are available through five contracted agencies. National and Enterprise rentals are direct billed to the cost center through Concur or the full service agencies. UT System has contracted discounted rental cars that include collision and liability coverage.

University Contracted Full Service Agent

Effective May 1, 2013, both travel agencies below are allowed to purchase tickets at the State of Texas or UT System contract rates (where applicable) on your behalf. Effective January 1, 2015, all use of the full service university travel agents (CTP) will be billed back to the traveler’s department. There will continue to be no chargeback to the department for use of the Concur online booking tool. Concur provides a list of all travel plans and is the direct source for travel alerts.

Full Service Agency

After Hours Contact

Corporate Travel Planners (CTP):

Full-Service Booking 
(available 8:00AM – 6:30PM Monday – Friday):
1-866-366-1142 (toll-free) or 210-366-1142
1-888-605-6555 (fax)
[email protected]


(for use between 6:01PM and 7:59AM M-F and on weekends)

VIT Code: S2P2A

Extra charge applies and should only be used in case of emergencies.Charges will be billed to the cost center used on the purchase.


Concur Online Booking Travel

UT Dallas travelers can book their flights, car rentals, and hotel stays via the Concur login found in Galaxy. All reservations made through Concur will be handled by Corporate Travel Planners (CTP).

Faculty, staff, and select others such as Teaching Assistant (TA) or Research Assistant (RA) are allowed Concur accounts. Students or student workers are not allowed to have accounts. Guests of the University cannot create accounts, but approved account holders can arrange guest travel on their behalf. Group Travel of more than 9 people should not be made using Concur. Group travel requires the contract agencies for the FAA. Accounts are available for all employees during the on-boarding process. Any name changes or account information correction must be submitted via ePAR to HR. Accounts are available after the ePAR has completed workflow.

Any further questions regarding the training material, please contact at [email protected] or x2300. Please note that Concur reservations are only fulfilled through CTP.

Concur Guides
·         Concur Travel QuickStart Guide
·         Booking a Flight
·         Booking a Hotel
·         Booking a Car

Group/Student/International Travel

Group Travel

Group travel is when more than 9 people are traveling at the same time to the same destination. Group Travel can only be booked by one of the University’s contracted travel agencies.

When booking travel for a group, remember that

  • Airlines define a “group” as 9 or more individuals traveling to the same destination at the same time by the same method.
  • Groups of 9 or more individuals traveling to the same destination are not eligible for State of Texas contract airfare.

Student Travel

Review the following:

The following forms must be completed and submitted (as appropriate):

Student/Team/Group Domestic Travel Authorization (Exhibit B14-D) To authorize domestic travel for students, teams, or groups. Must be completed by the group sponsor prior to domestic travel
Exhibit B14-F To authorize foreign travel for students, teams, or groups
Indemnification and Release for Adult Foreign Travelers For any student above the age of 18
Indemnification and Release for Minor Foreign Travelers For any minor student under the age of 18

Use the Team/Group Travel Disbursement Register for a sponsor to request meal allowance disbursements. Meals must not exceed federal rates for the location, and state funds cannot be used.

Foreign Travel

Faculty and staff traveling abroad on behalf of the UT Dallas are required to obtain institutional approval at least two weeks before departure. The following form is required for foreign travel approval:

International Travel Authorization for Faculty and Staff

For complete information on University-related foreign travel, visit the International Center.

International SOS

International SOS provides UT travelers with worldwide quality medical care and emergency assistance services 24 hours per day. This service does not take the place of health insurance. In the case of an emergency, it does provide medical assistance, security and travel assistance, managed and administered by International SOS. All University international travelers are required to be registered with International SOS regardless the source of funding for the trip. This service is provided free of charge to UT Dallas travelers. When booking international travel through a University-contracted travel agent, they will enroll you in this service automatically.

For complete information regarding this service, please log on to .

To obtain an SOS travel card or for additional information, please contact [email protected].

Other Services


Several airlines have quietly decreased the acceptable size of carry-on luggage.  During peak times, they are going so far as to have their personnel stand near TSA screening lines, look for passengers with carry-ons that are too large, and send them back to the ticket counter to check the bag. Build enough time into the arrival at an airport to deal with this type situation.  In addition, on a seasonal basis, some airlines may change baggage rules and restrictions to specific destinations (e.g. Mexico, Latin America, Caribbean, etc.).  

Airport Parking

Choose the best value parking at any airport that is reasonable in the specific situation. The University recommends using an off-site parking for the best value.

UT Dallas partners with the Parking Spot to offer a Spot Club Executive card gives all university travelers a 25% discount on airport parking.  To obtain your club card go to

The Parking Spot’s facilities are fully fenced, well-lit and operate 24/7 providing a secure area to park vehicles. Benefits include:

  • 24-Hour access to vehicles
  • No blackout dates for UT System rates and free parking points
  • Timely shuttle service every 5-7 minutes
  • Luggage assistance
  • Frequent parker program
  • Free Towing (within 25 miles)
  • Free emergency battery assistance
  • Free emergency tire change assistance
  • Free USA Today (first 200 guests daily)
  • Free bottled water (at exit)        

For questions or concerns contact Sales Manager Katy Keim at: [email protected]

Visit the UT Dallas Parking Spot website to register for your card and make parking reservations.

Getting Reimbursed

After completion of the travel, travelers or a representative, complete and submit an Employee Travel Voucher located in eProcurement. Reimbursement is based on actual expenditures. Receipts should be attached.

Submit itemized receipts for hotel, public transportation fares, parking, mileage logs and other incidentals. Procurement Management does not require documentation for meals unless the funds involve Contracts or Grants. Meals are not reimbursed when the travel does not include an overnight stay.

Conference Hotel expenses will be paid or reimbursed at the standard conference rate. Non-conference hotel expenses should be reasonable but may not exceed GSA allowance for that location without approval from the traveler’s VP, Dean, or Fiscal Officer.

Business entertainment: The University reimburses reasonable expenses for business meals and entertainment. Reasonable expenses include those normally incurred and expected, considering the business purpose of the event, its attendees and relevant circumstances. Generally, this amount will not exceed $75 per person. The per-person cost includes meals, drinks, tax and tips.

Employees of The University of Texas at Dallas are expected to be good stewards of university funds. University leadership reserves the right to deny reimbursement of excessive expenditures. Additional requirements and limits for entertainment expenditures may be promulgated by the Dean, Vice President or Business Officer.

Faculty staff, and students whose travel expenses are funded by sponsored projects funds must adhere to all University Travel and Business Expense Policies, Sponsor specific policies and requirements, and the cost principles as defined by the Office of Management and Budget (“OMB”) as part of 2 CFR 200.474 for federally sponsored projects.

Please discuss any extraordinary or potentially questionable expenses with the Dean, Vice President or Business Officer.

More restrictive travel and business expense policies and procedures may be mandated by specific programs, schools, departments or offices.

Reimbursement submitted after 60 days from travel will be reported to Payroll as income. The IRS requires employee business expenses to be submitted for reimbursement "within 60 days after the expense is incurred or the trip ends." "If not submitted within 60 days, the reimbursement becomes taxable [to the employee] for federal, state, FICA and Medicare; and withholding tax must be taken." Incomplete or incorrect travel vouchers will be returned to the department and will not be considered submitted until resubmitted with the corrections to Travel Management.

Conference Planning

Groupize is web-based program for Small and Large Meeting/Group Travel needing for hotels. Groupize allows for payment either with the OneCard or via a Purchase Order. If needed, it allows conference attendees to sign up and pay for their own rooms. Hotel options come with a description of the rooms available for guests and meeting space including room sizes, rooms available, and pictures. The Hotel Rates are already discounted to the Texas state rate. For questions, contact Groupize via email at [email protected] or via phone 855-476-8749.

Sign up/Login here:

For additional help: UT Dallas-How to Groupize

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