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Procurement Vendors is responsible for vendors while adhering to the policies and procedures set forth by the University. Compliance with policies and procedures will ensure all transactions can be processed in a timely and efficient manner.
Vendors provides assistance for:

  • Adding new vendors
  • Updating Vendors
  • W-9 Requests
  • Direct Deposit (Requested of New Vendors)

For accounts payable requests, visit Accounts Payable section of the Procurement Management website.

For travel-related reimbursement requests, please visit the Travel Management section of the Procurement Management website.

For any OneCard related questions, please visit the OneCard section of the Procurement Management website.

For any forms, please visit the Forms page.


New Vendor


Vendors is the first step in the process for payment. A vendor can be either a company or a person. Typically, the W9 and direct deposit is the documentation needed to setup each vendor. International companies and individuals will use either the W8 BEN or W8 BENE. Other than Canada, international vendors are paid via Wire.

Independent Contractor

For payment of services such as speakers or honorarium, vendor set up is required. For travel or business reimbursement, the vendor does not to be set-up and should be submitted via Request for Check. 


Students with travel reimbursements do not need to be a vendor. These vouchers process via Request for Check. For awards or possible taxable income, students who are current employees or have been in the last 12 months, must go through payroll. For non-employee students, a W9 is required to begin processing.

Foreign Individual

For a foreign individual, the IRS requires either the W8 BEN or completion of the FINS process.

Foreign Entity

For a foreign entity (company, university, et al.), the IRS requires the W8 BENE.

Getting Reimbursed


Checks cost the University time and money to produce. For payments to Canada, the University will use checks instead of wires. Check production occurs 2 times per week. Checks are not available for pick up in Procurement without a compelling legal reason.

Direct Deposit (EFT/ACH)

Direct Deposit is timely, less expensive and more accurate payment for vendors and the University. At any time, the vendor or department should fax the form to 972-883-2348.


Wires are expensive and time consuming to produce. The University makes payments for overseas countries including Mexico via Wire. Wire is not an option for Domestic vendors. The vendor or department should fax the form to 972-883-2348.

Inactive Vendors

Vendors are active for 24 months. If the vendor is not used, they become inactive and will require updated documentation (W9, W8) to reactivate.

Statehold on Vendors

The State of Texas puts vendors on hold and it will make the vendor inactive until the vendor resolves their issues with State Comptroller. Texas Government Code 403.055 prohibits a state agency from issuing payment to an individual or business that is indebted to the State of Texas. Once the University is aware the Taxpayer ID Number (TIN) is on "payment hold" status at the State Comptroller's office, UT Dallas as a state agency is unable to complete the order until the vendor is no longer on hold. The vendor will need to contact the State Comptroller's Office at (800) 531-5441 ext. 34561 for further details on the hold status. When the matter has been resolved, UT Dallas can continue business as usual.

Updating Vendors

In order to ensure accuracy, Vendor Management requests vendors provide updated documentation. Vendor Management verifies the Taxpayer ID Number (TIN) with the IRS. Failure to produce the proper paperwork will delay or prohibit the reactivation or put the vendor on hold.

Vendors Forms/Resources


Form Name


W9 (
Instructions (

Form for a domestic individual or entity to whom the University will be making a payment.

W8 BEN (

Instructions (

Form for a foreign individual to whom the University will be making a payment that could be subject to withholding.  Submit form W-8BEN whether or not the individual is claiming a reduced rate of, or exemption from, withholding.


Instructions (

Form for a foreign entity to whom you will be making a withhold-able payment.

Direct Deposit

Form for payment to domestic individual or entity. Also known as EFT or ACH.


Form for payment to international individual or entity. (Exception: Vendors in Canada are paid by check.)





Refer for information of IRS forms

State Comptroller (

Refer for information regarding questions about the State Comptroller