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Doing Business with the University of Texas at Dallas

Welcome to the University of Texas at Dallas.  We have prepared the information below to help you better understand how to do business with the University. You can view additional information about the UT Dallas Purchasing Department here.

All invoices submitted to [email protected] require a PO (e.g. S######) in order to be paid promptly and accurately by AP. Invoices without a PO number included generally take longer to pay and will be paid only when it can be confirmed as a legitimate charge. UT Dallas policy states obligations of the University funds can only be made via a Purchase Order or a university issued credit card (OneCard).

Rules of Engagement

Our purchasing staff is committed to help all vendors succeed and have a mutually beneficial business relationship with the University.  We recommend you schedule an appointment with a member of the Purchasing staff prior to visiting any department on campus.   A member of the Purchasing staff will meet with you and provide input of business opportunities throughout the University. 

UT Dallas Terms and Conditions of Orders

How to do Business with UT Dallas

Vendor Management maintains the university’s vendor database, an electronic means of storing information about vendors who supply goods and services to the university.  A vendor record must exist in the vendor database before a procurement transaction can be completed for the vendor.    Therefore, a W9 is required to be submitted by the vendor before purchase orders are considered complete.

All vendors that provide any custom software must fill out the Vendor Technical Survey.

All invoices are paid net 30, unless an early pay discount is offered.

All new solicitations are posted on the Electronic State Business Daily,, under the title of “Recent Postings”.

How to Receive Bids

The Centralized Master Bidding List (CMBL) is the master database used by the State of Texas purchasing entities to develop a mailing list for vendors to be considered to receive bids based on products or services they can provide.  Registration on the CMBL is suggested and available online on the State of Texas website.

How to Submit an Invoice

All purchase order invoices are emailed to [email protected].


The Historical Underutilized Business (HUB) Program

The statewide HUB program facilitates a good faith effort to utilize HUBs for construction, services and commodity purchases.  Vendors seeking certification as a HUB are required to submit a completed HUB certification application and supporting documents to the State of TX HUB Program. For more information on the UT Dallas HUB Program, please visit our HUB page.