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Departmental Forms




Certificate of Insurance Example

See this document for an example of a Certificate of Liability Insurance.

Certificate of Insurance Guidelines

Purchasing must have a current Certificate of Liability Insurance for any company or contractor doing work on the UT Dallas campus. See this document for additional information.

Exclusive Acquisition Justification Form

State of Texas law and UT Dallas policy required competitive bidding for procurements over $15,000. Submit the completed form to Purchasing at [email protected].

Request for Formal Solicitation

Use this form to start the process of purchasing goods or services greater than $50,000.

UT Dallas Sales Tax Exemption Form

Proof of UT Dallas sales tax exemption.

Vendor Performance Form

To note with Purchasing about goods and services purchased by the University. Email completed form to [email protected].

One Card



Dispute Form

If a cardholder finds an incorrect or unrecognizable transaction and a resolution cannot be handled with the vendor, please complete this form and fax it to the CITI Bank contact listed on the dispute document.

Travel Management



Domestic Meals and Lodging Rates for individual travelers

External link to GSA allowance for domestic travel.

Extended Stay Form

Attach this completed form to your Travel Voucher form in eProcurement when a trip is longer than seven days.

Fly America Act Justification Form

Must be completed by traveler to justify use of a foreign flag air carrier for any part of foreign travel.

Fly America Act Waiver Checklist

Use this form to assist in determining qualification for a waiver of the restrictions of the Fly America Act.

Foreign Currency Converter

External link to aid in completion of a reimbursement request when converting foreign currency to US dollars.

Foreign GSA Allowance

External link to GSA allowance for foreign travel.

Hotel Direct Bill Request

Use this form to request direct billing from a local hotel. Please note that only hotels on the Hotel Reference Sheet have direct billing capability.

Hotel Reference Sheet

Local hotel information including direct bill capability, special rates, and contact information.

Direct Hotel Process

(Process Update 4/2018) Process for individual and block hotel reservations. Requisition or One Card can be used for payment.

Hotel Tax Exemption Certificate

Complete this form and give to your hotel to claim State of Texas tax exemption.

Hotel Tax Exemption Proof

A supplementary form to accompany the Hotel Sales Tax Exemption Certificate.

International Travel Forms

Follow the appropriate travel authorization process for employees or students.

Indemnification/Release Form for Adult Travelers (Domestic)

Must be completed by any student over the age of 18 traveling to a domestic destination on behalf of the university.

Indemnification/Release Form for Minor Travelers (Domestic)

Must be completed by any student minors under the age of 18 traveling to a domestic destination on behalf of the university.

Lost or Non Itemized Receipt

To be submitted in lieu of missing receipt with documents.

Medical Information/Release Form for Adult Travelers

Must be completed by any student over the age of 18 prior to travel.

Medical Information/Release Form for Minor Travelers

Must be completed by any student under the age of 18 prior to travel.

Student/Team/Group Domestic Travel Authorization (Exhibit B14-D)

Must be completed by the group sponsor prior to domestic travel.

Student/Team/Group Foreign Travel Authorization (Exhibit B14-F)

Must be completed by the group sponsor prior to foreign travel.

Team/Group Disbursement Register

May be completed by a group sponsor for meal disbursements.

Travel Advance Card

Most travelers will use their personal credit cards to incur expenses and will file for a reimbursement after completion of travel. On occasion, a traveler may request a travel advance card - a prepaid credit card with a specific balance and time frame for use. The request form can be found in eProcurement under Forms – Travel Advance Card.

Important! Form must be approved by your supervisor no later than 13 business days prior to the Travel Start Date. Anything after will NOT be accepted.

Travel Advance Card Citibank Instructions

You will use the pre-set User ID and Password provided in the Travel Advance Card Envelope to access your transactions in Citibank.

Travel Advance Card Printing Report Instructions

Expense Report must be printed, fully signed and attached to the Travel Advance Card Reconciliation Form along with itemized receipts by the 10th business day after the Travel End Date.

Domestic Travel Authorization Form

In order to centrally bill or request reimbursement, the Travel Authorization Form must be completed prior to coordinating travel for employees, prospective employees or students.

Travel Authorization Instructions

Use to aid in completion of the Travel Authorization form.

Vendor Maintenance



New Vendor Set-up

The W-9 and Direct Deposit combined form should be completed for all new vendors and submitted to [email protected].

W-8BEN: Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding

Submit this form from a foreign individual to whom you will be making a payment that could be subject to withholding.  Submit form W-8BEN whether or not the individual is claiming a reduced rate of, or exemption from, withholding.

Instructions for Form W-8BEN

Instructions for Form W-8BEN

W-8BEN-E: Certificate of Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting (Entities

Submit this form for a foreign entity (University or Company) to whom you will be making a withhold-able payment.

Instructions for Form W-8BEN-E

Instructions for Form W-8BEN-E