New Instructional Spaces

Fall 2018

Engineering and Computer Science West (ECSW):
Please note that the glass elevators on the east side of the building are not ready for use (See red X’s on image below). If you need to utilize an elevator, please use those in the northwest area of the building.

ECSW will continue a ‘work in progress’ status throughout the fall as equipment and people are moved in. Please respect the new space.

Classrooms: ECSW 1.315, ECSW 1.355, ECSW 1.365, ECSW 2.325, ECSW 3.210, ECSW 3.250, and ECSW 4.325
Labs: ECSW 1.130, ECSW 2.315, ECSW 2.335, ECSW 3.325, ECSW 3.335, and ECSW 4.315

Fall 2017

Administration Building (AD): AD 2.216 and AD 2.232
Classroom Building (CB): CB 1.102, CB 1.106, CB 1.202, CB 1.206, CB 1.210, and CB 1.222

Research and Operations West (ROW): ROW 1.141