John S. Oldow


Recent Grants and Contracts

Tectonics and basin evolution of the San Arcangelo region, Southern Apennines, Italy: Union Texas Petroleum Company and ARCO, 1998-2002.

Fault characterization and assessment of slip on the Devils Mountain and North Whidbey Island fault systems, northwestern Washington: United States Geological Survey, National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program, 1998.

Collaborative Geologic and GPS study: Displacement partitioning and arc-parallel extension in the Aleutian volcanic arc: National Science Foundation (with H.G. Ave Lallemant, Rice University), 1998-2001.
A high performance connection for the University of Idaho: National Science Foundation, (with J. Yost, University of Idaho), 1998-2000.

Volcano deformation and magma migration in Galapagos shield: National Science Foundation (with Dennis Geist, University of Idaho), 1999-2002.

Characterization of the geometry and kinematics of the Meikle-Rodeo structure and assessment of structural control on gold mineralization, Carlin trend, Nevada: Barrick Goldstrike Mine, Inc., 1999-2001.

Reoccupation of the Devils Mountain GPS strain network, northwestern Washington:  United States Geological Survey, National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program, ,2001-2002.

Biocomplexity of extreme Environments:  Team Leader, National Science Foundation EPSCoR, (with Boise State University and Idaho State University), 2002-2005.

Geological and geophysical characterization of the Alvord Basin, Southeastern Oregon:  National Science Foundation EPSCoR, 2002-2005.

Collaborative Research:  Geodetic and geologic study of the kinematics of late Cenozoic displacement transfer, central Walker Lane, western Great Basin: National Science Foundation (with J. Satterfield, Angelo State University), (University of Idaho; Angelo State University), 2002-2005.

Collaborative Research:  Deformation rate and kinematics of ancient and active displacement transfer, central Walker Lane, western Great Basin: National Science Foundation (with W.C. McClelland, University of Idaho; J.W. Geissman and J. Selverstone, University of New Mexico), 2002-2006.

Collaborative Research:  ITR:  GEON, A research project to create cyberinfrastructure for the geosciences: National Science Foundation (with multiple institutions), 2002-2007.

Workshop Support:  Development of a Cyberinfrastructure for Research and Education in Structural Geology: National Science Foundation, 2003-2004.

Workshop Support:  Identification of the ground-based digital acquistion, analysis, and visualization needs of the geological science community: National Science Foundation, 2005-2006.

STRAIN:  Evolution of an intracontinental shear zone, central Walker Lane, western Great Basin:  National Science Foundation Continental Dynamics pre-proposal: encouraged.

Gravity Acquisition and depth to basement modeling of the Spokane Valley and Rathdrum Prairie aquifer, northeastern Washington and northwestern Idaho: Idaho Department of Water Resources and Washington StateDepartment of Ecology, 2006 (with K. Sprenke, University of Idaho).

Collaborative Research:  Facility Support: Building the INTERFACE facility for cm-scale, 3D digital field Geology: National Science Foundation (with UNAVCO, University of Texas Dallas, Kansas University, and Arizona State University), 2007-2010.

Hells Canyon Geoid Study: Idaho Power Inc., September-December, 2008.
Collaborative Research:  Possible N. American Klippen on the Wallowa Terrane, Oregon:  Limits for Continuity of Orogen-Parallel Transcurrent Faults Across Crustal Discontinuities: National Science Foundation (with University of Iowa), 2009-2012, pending.