The Center for Lithospheric Studies

Research projects during 2012-13


Name Research Topics
Sasmita Mohapatra    

Air-wave removal in 2D and 3D prestack data.
Imaging of Fluid Replacements.

Donald MooreCluster hardware development
Keumsuk Lee (Collaborator)

Impedance inversion for gas hydrate in the Ulleung Basin, East Sea, Korea

Qunshan Zhang (Collabator)

Polarization base MVA
Separation of qP, QSV and qSH in anisotropic wavefields

Hussein HarbiCharacterization of reservoir analogs
Robert Sun (visitor)

3-D elastic reverse-time migration
Velocity analysis for P-S converted waves

Ting GongProcessing of complicated land data with strong topography and near surface effects
Ernesto OropezaPrestack migration velocity analysis in anisotropic media
Herurisa Rusmanugroho 9-C data processing and inversion
Bao Nyugen

Source wavefield reconstruction for reverse- time migration
Excitation amplitude image condition for RTM

Kun XuFrequency-domain prestack migration
Boundary conditions for frequency-domain extrapolation
Sylvia PachecoFull-wavefield reflectivity inversion for viscoelastic, anisotropic 1-D models
Hu Jin

Algoritms for angle extension from RTM for ADCIGs.
Migration velocity analysis in the frequency domain
Velocity analysis in the focal point domain

Xinfa Zhu Modeling, migration and inversion of  post-critical seismic reflection data.
Spherical wave reflection coefficents.
Inversion of phase variation with angle.
Stretch-free image conditions.
Roberto Falcon   

Full-wavefield inversion for structure and anisotropic parameters

Zabi Khaxar      

Characterization of porosity and permeability in barrier island reservoir/acquifer analogs

Matt Browning    

Applications of Sobolev gradients

Luiz Alberto Santos (visitor)    

Velocity analysis from focal point data.

Peng Guo    

Using reciprocity as a convergence condition for migration velocity analysis.

Wenlong Wang    

Use of attenuation for P-S wave separation.

Xiaoyu Zhang    

Multipathing in the Angle-Depth-Image time domain.

Gabriel Unomah    

Petrophysical characterization of carbonates.

Marianne Reyes Boet    

Simultaneous inversion of 3D data from Angola.

Chen Tang    

RTM extensions.

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