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Welcome to the Office of Post Award Management

General Overview

The Office of Post Award Management provides the following services to the University community:

  • Provides central oversight for the post-award fiscal activities of all sponsored projects
  • Establishes sponsored projects cost center and budgets.
  • Maintains the time and effort reporting systems for sponsored programs
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable federal and state rules and regulations governing the compliance administration of sponsored projects
  • Creating and promulgating sponsored programs compliance administration policies and procedure
  • Developing training materials and conducting training programs on compliance sponsored program administration.
  • Partner with PI, SPO, and Divisional Administration to ensure compliance with award terms and conditions, DOE, University, Laboratory, and Sponsor policies
  • Reviews and validates transactions to support research
  • Liaison between Research and Billing/Accounts Receivable office.

Contact Us

Kelly McKinney
Interim Director of Post Award Management

Natasha Hinton
Financial Analyst

William Old

Lesley Stephenson
Post-Award Management Specialist

LaKeshia Stringfellow
Effort Certification Manager

Cindy Sutton
Financial Analyst