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Allowable and Unallowable Travel Expenses

Travel Expenses
Allowable as long as the travel is allowed on the grant.

Foreign Air Carrier Plane Ticket
Not allowable. Please see the Fly America Act.

Foreign Travel
Allowable as long as prior approval from federal agency was received and documented. Air fare to the foreign destination must be purchased on an American flag carrier (Fly America Act).

Meals for Persons Other Than the Traveler
Not allowable. The cost of meals other than the traveler must be deducted from meal receipts prior to submitting reimbursement.

Alcoholic Beverages
Not allowable. Alcohol must be deducted from meal receipts prior to submitting reimbursement.

Side Trips
Not Allowable. UTD does not pay for any travel involving personal side trips.

More Information

With the exception of the Principal Investigator or Co-P.I., travel expenses can only be charged to a federal project when the traveler is exerting effort on the project during the time of travel. Written Sponsor approval is required to pay travel expenses on a federal sponsored project for a traveler that is not exerting effort on the project at the time of travel. A Principal Investigator (including Co-PI) may charge travel expenses to the project at any time as long as the travel is approved by the project.

If foreign travel is not listed in the approved budget, some Sponsors require prior written approval. In some cases, a Sponsor will require prior written approval for foreign travel even if it is listed in the proposal/application. All requests to obtain prior Sponsor approval for travel on a sponsored project should be submitted through the pre-award office well in advance of the desired travel. The request should provide information regarding the purpose of the travel, number of persons traveling, destination, number of days, and estimated cost.