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A cluster of U.S. laws and regulations comprise export control law. These laws and regulations govern, for reasons of foreign policy and national security, when and how access can be granted to foreign nationals and foreign countries concerning strategically vital technology, services, and information, including research equipment and technology. These laws and regulations express the commitment the U.S. has made to encourage technology exchanges that are consistent with national security and nonproliferation objectives as set forth in:

The bulk of research conducted at the University of Texas at Dallas is exempt from export control regulations because researchers engage in basic and applied research activities where the research results are open to the public. Nonetheless, UT Dallas researchers, staff, and students should learn how to recognize export control issues and to understand the resources available to resolve such issues. Researchers should use the resources on this site and contact the Office of Research Compliance if they:

  • Will be traveling outside of the United States.
  • Want or plan to have a foreign national(s) participate in research.
  • Submit a proposal for a Request for Proposal (RFP) marked "Export-Controlled."
  • Want to collaborate with a researcher or institution outside the United States.
  • Will be or may be receiving military- or space-related information, technical data, equipment, or software.
  • Have a research project with contractual restrictions on publishing, proprietary information, or foreign national participation.
  • Need to ship items internationally.
  • Will be researching or are proposing to research subjects related to nuclear, chemical, biological, weaponry, missiles, unmanned vehicles, or encryption technologies.

If you have any questions, please contact Sanaz Okhovat, Senior Director, Office of Research Compliance, at 972-883-4579, via e-mail at, or stop by AD3.218.

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