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Export controls present a unique challenge to research institutions. These controls demand that national security and the necessary safeguards it mandates be reconciled with the traditional concept of unrestricted academic freedom, which includes the right to publish freely research findings within an unfettered global academic community. Although export control regulations cover a wide range of activities, the following are most pertinent to academic research:

  • Research carried out at institutions of higher education in the United States in areas involving controlled technologies—but where there are no publication, foreign national, or access and dissemination restrictions—in most instances will satisfy the requirements for fundamental research; no license is required.
  • Shipment of controlled hardware and software outside the United States may require a license under the appropriate regulations (i.e., EAR, ITAR, or OFAC). UTD will apply for such licenses; appropriate time must be allowed to obtain a license prior to shipment.
  • Technical assistance agreements under which U.S. citizens or permanent residents are providing training of foreign nationals where a controlled technology is involved requires a license; UTD will apply for such licenses.

Any export control issue related to research being performed at UTD must be addressed with the appropriate personnel in the Office of Research Compliance. Because every export control issue is unique, its resolution is dependent on specific facts. Please review this section and contact us with any questions or concerns.