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Limited Submissions

Limited submissions funding opportunities restrict the number of applications or proposals that an institution may submit for consideration. At UT Dallas, the Office of Research Development is responsible for managing the screening process of potential submissions to determine which proposal will go forward to the sponsoring agency.

Limited Submissions Process


Limited submissions (LS) announcements are posted on the Office of Research website and emailed to targeted deans, program heads, and professors who may have an interest. These announcements identify the opportunity, give a brief description, provide a link to the funding agency's site, and indicate all internal and external deadlines.

Faculty must adhere to all posted deadlines

While ORD makes every effort to identify all LS opportunities and notify faculty, it is the responsibility of the faculty to contact the office with an opportunity that she/he is interested in but has not yet received an announcement about from ORD.

The table below provides internal application deadlines and links to the full proposals for selected limited submission opportunities. If a professor is interested in a limited submission funding opportunity that is not listed below, he or she should contact the Office of Research Development. The list below should not be considered an exhaustive list of opportunities.

Program Name: Application due: Nuclear Education Program - Faculty Development Grant (U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA)
Internal Deadline: 3/1/15
Sponsor Deadline: 3/31/15

Program Name: Mentor of the Year Award
Internal Deadline: 3/10/15
Sponsor Deadline: 3/31/15

Program Name: LOI due (required): THECB Engineering Summer Program 2015
Internal Deadline: 4/1/15
Sponsor Deadline: 4/3/15

Program Name: Proposal due: CAE Cybersecurity research
Internal Deadline: 3/31/15
Sponsor Deadline: 4/11/15
Selected Individual(s): Dr. Kevin Hamlen

Program Name: LOI due: Alzheimer's Disease Research Centers (P50); Application due 5/14/15
Internal Deadline: 3/1/15
Sponsor Deadline: 4/14/15

Program Name: LOI due: Archiving and Discovering of Data and Metadata Generated Through Projects Funded by the NSF Arctic Sciences Section
Internal Deadline: 3/1/15
Sponsor Deadline: 4/17/15

Program Name: Innovation Corps - Regional Node Program (I-Corps Node)-[Full proposal due]
Internal Deadline: 2/13/15
Sponsor Deadline: 4/17/15

Program Name: Application due: Team-Based Design in Biomedical Engineering Education (R25)
Internal Deadline: 4/15/15
Sponsor Deadline: 5/13/15

Program Name: Proposal due: High Performance Computing System Acquisition: Continuing the Building of a More Inclusive Computing Environment for Science and Engineering
Internal Deadline: 3/1/15
Sponsor Deadline: 5/14/15

Program Name: Nomination: Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards Program
Internal Deadline: 4/1/15
Sponsor Deadline: 5/19/15

Program Name: Social Issues Dissertation Award
Internal Deadline: 4/1/15
Sponsor Deadline: 5/20/15

Program Name: LOI due: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Talent Expansion Program (STEP)
Internal Deadline: 4/10/15
Sponsor Deadline: 5/23/15

Program Name: Proposal due: Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education (NUE) in Engineering
Internal Deadline: 3/15/15
Sponsor Deadline: 5/27/15

Program Name: Predoctoral Interdisciplinary Research Training Program in the Education Sciences
Internal Deadline: 5/10/15
Sponsor Deadline: 6/5/15

Program Name: Proposal due: Scalable Nanomanufacturing (SNM)
Internal Deadline: 4/15/15
Sponsor Deadline: 6/16/15

Program Name: Application: APF Graduate Student Scholarships
Internal Deadline: 4/30/15
Sponsor Deadline: 6/30/15

Program Name: Proposal due: International Research Network Connections (IRNC)
Internal Deadline: 5/1/15
Sponsor Deadline: 7/7/15

Program Name: Application: Research Training Programs in the Education Sciences - Predoctoral Interdisciplinary Research Training
Internal Deadline: 5/15/15
Sponsor Deadline: 7/7/15

Program Name: Application: Scholars Program
Internal Deadline: 6/1/15
Sponsor Deadline: 7/9/15

Program Name: Proposal due: NSF Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM)
Internal Deadline: 6/10/15
Sponsor Deadline: 8/12/15

Program Name: Pre-Application: Resilience for Extreme Scale Supercomputing Systems
Internal Deadline: 7/1/15
Sponsor Deadline: 8/27/15

Program Name: Faculty Development in the Space Sciences (FDSS)
Internal Deadline: 6/1/15
Sponsor Deadline: 8/31/15

Program Name: Nomination due: Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship
Internal Deadline: 9/1/15
Sponsor Deadline: 10/7/15

Program Name: Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants in the Directorate for Biological Sciences (DDIG)
Internal Deadline: 9/1/15
Sponsor Deadline: 10/9/15

Program Name: Nomination due: Noether Lectures (AWM-AMS Noether Lecture)
Internal Deadline: 9/1/15
Sponsor Deadline: 10/15/15

Program Name: Nomination: Microsoft Research Graduate Women's Scholarship Program
Internal Deadline: 9/10/15
Sponsor Deadline: 10/17/15

Program Name: STATEMAP - The State Component of the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program
Internal Deadline: 9/1/15
Sponsor Deadline: 10/29/15

Program Name: Application: Research Awards - Core Facility Support Awards (CFSA)
Internal Deadline: 9/30/15
Sponsor Deadline: 11/17/15

Program Name: LOI due: Partnerships for Innovation: Building Innovation Capacity (PFI: BIC)
Internal Deadline: 11/1/15
Sponsor Deadline: 12/3/15

Program Name: Proposal due: Theory Institute in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
Internal Deadline: 10/20/15
Sponsor Deadline: 12/8/15

Program Name: Major Research Instrumentation Program (MRI): Instrument Acquisition or Development
Internal Deadline: 12/1/15
Sponsor Deadline: 1/13/16

Program Name: Proposal: Scalable Nanomanufacturing (SNM)
Internal Deadline: 11/20/15
Sponsor Deadline: 1/20/16

Program Name: Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers
Internal Deadline: 6/20/16
Sponsor Deadline: 8/26/16

Program Name: Online Resource Center for Ethics Education in Science and Engineering (ORCEESE)
Internal Deadline: 5/30/17
Sponsor Deadline: 8/7/17

Program Name: Grant Program
Internal Deadline: Continuous
Sponsor Deadline: Continuous

Program Name: Grants
Internal Deadline: Continuous
Sponsor Deadline: Continuous

Program Name: Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarships
Internal Deadline: Varies
Sponsor Deadline: Varies

Letters of Intent – usually due 10 weeks before the sponsor deadline

When a faculty member receives notification of a Limited Submissions funding opportunity and is interested in applying, he/she is required to submit an internal Letter of Intent to ORD via the Research Explorer site. The LOI should detail the researcher(s) involved, basic research or program concept, and how their proposal best fits the referenced solicitation.

Pre-Proposal – when necessary, due 8 weeks before the sponsor deadline

If the number of LOIs exceeds the sponsor's limitation, invitations to submit internal proposals will be sent to all faculty who submitted internal LOIs, shortly after the LOI due date. Faculty should contact Jazmin Perez if they submitted a summary and did not receive an invitation to submit an internal proposal shortly following the LOI deadline.


If more internal applications are received than the university is allowed to submit, a review committee will be developed in consultation with the VP of Research. Some contests may still be open past the deadline if fewer than the approved number of applicants is received. In this situation, applications are accepted on a first-come basis until the approved number is reached. All applicants and their deans will be notified of the results and the names of those selected will also be posted on the limited submission website.

Selection and Notification – no less than 6 weeks before sponsor deadline

Once the Vice President for Research approves the nominee(s), the individual and her/his department chair, Associate Dean for Research, Office for Sponsored Research Grants Officer, will be notified in writing. Individuals not selected will be notified as well.

Candidate Responsibilities

Once a faculty member is selected to apply for a Limited Submissions opportunity, she/he has the responsibility to submit a timely application, barring serious, extenuating circumstances. Faculty may not submit an application in response to a limited funding opportunity to the sponsor without approval from ORD.

Should a candidate wish to decline a nomination, she/he needs to do so in writing within 5 business days of selection notification to Jazmin Perez. Not doing so may prevent a faculty member from applying to Limited Submissions competitions in the future.

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