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Outreach and Diversity

General Information to Keep in Mind

Contact your Program Manager and ask for examples of funded proposals with strong outreach statements

Ask Program Manager if you can include outreach expenses in the budget (if needed); otherwise, you need to detail how you will fund your plans.

Leverage with other programs on campus. There are many educational activities going on for K-12, teacher education, diversity, etc.

Contribute intellectually on the plan with your team. You cannot entirely outsource this.

Quantify the specific count regarding minorities/women at UT Dallas, area community colleges, etc. Do not be vague.

Complement your research with your project. Use your research/discoveries as the base.

Beware of designing a new university class. Reviewers see this as a part of your job, even without the grant.

Advance Discovery and Understanding While Promoting Teaching, Training, and Learning

Mentor undergrad, or graduate, students including their development of a poster for a professional conference.

Work with the organizers of the several summer camps for physics, chemistry, and engineering that Dallas hosts. Include yourself in the teaching, tours, and activities. See here for a full listing.

Need help with housing? Residential Life has a "one-stop shop" to provide prices and access to housing, dining, parking, and other needs. Contact Pam McElrath, Assistant Director of Residential Life, for more information.

Meet with the Dept. of Science/Math Education for contacts in local school districts and programming to which you could contribute.

Contact BigThought (which hosts a wide variety of programs, including after-school programs) about integrating your research into their work.

Contact DFW S-TEC for information on several non-profits that regularly need volunteers for activities, including the FIRST Tech Challenges.

Talk to Dr. Scherry Johnson about possible participation in the Summer Institute UT Dallas hosts for AP chemistry, biology, physics, and math teachers.

Consider developing a video game (see link for ideas). Perhaps partner with ATEC or maybe form this into a student project. Detail your distribution plan.

Work with UTeach Dallas students on how to use research topics in their teaching for grades 4-12. Contact UTeach Dallas Master Teacher Bill Neal.

Consider partnering with the Center for Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology if you want to address the human implications and ethics of scientific investigation and technological innovation..

Broader Participation in Underrepresented Groups (highly important for most reviewers)

Contact UT Dallas LSAMP Dr. Juan Gonzalez in the Department of Biology.

Involve students from Academic Bridge Program (Program Director Soli Ghirmai) or the engineering STARRS program (Dr. Simeon Ntafos).

Provide lab tours and presentations for ABP or STARRS in the summer before they begin at UT Dallas. Consider mentoring or lab assistant opportunities.

Work with UT Dallas Office of Diversity regarding activities on campus and in the community that target underrepresented students.

Speak as a guest lecturer at area community colleges. With various sites in both Dallas and Plano, you will broaden the impact by speaking to multiple groups.

Enhance Infrastructure for Research and Education

Brainstorm ways that the larger community/university/area could use a significant equipment or lab finish out (if applicable).

Develop teaching media to enhance an existing class at UT Dallas.

Work with GEMS to develop teaching material for target classes or GEMS tutoring programs (specifically calculus and chemistry).

Broad Dissemination to Enhance Science and Technological Understanding

Write an article for a lay publication to be submitted for publication. Ask UT Dallas Office of Communications for your school's Communications Liaison.

Write op-ed piece for multiple newspapers/publications related to research and its role in community.

Possibly exhibit a display or activity at the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science or a local library. Work with Lani Connolly or Ken Berry of SEEC at UT Dallas.

Interview on local radio program such as Think on KERA. Talk to UT Dallas Office of Communications and ask for your school's Communication Liaison.

Benefits to Society

This is very specific to your research.

Demonstrate links between discovery and societal benefit with specific examples and applications.

Think of a larger national initiative toward which your research could lead.

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Ken Berry
Assistant Dir., SEEC

Lani Connolly
Assistant Dir., SEEC

Soli Ghirmai
Director, ABP

Juan Gonzalez
Professor, Biology

Scherry Johnson
Dir., Teacher Education

Matthew Brown
Director, Center for Values

Pam McElrath
Assistant Dir., Residential Life

Media Relations

Bill Neal
Master Teacher, UTeach Dallas

Simeon Ntafos
Professor, EE

Rosie Peterson
Dir., Institutional Initiatives