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Grant Award Numbers

In 2nd quarter FY14 (December 1, 2013 through February 28, 2014), faculty submitted 214 proposals through the Office of Sponsored Projects.  During this same period, there were 22 research awards processed through the Office of Sponsored Projects.

The total research dollars awarded to the University through proposals submitted or contracts negotiated by the Office of Sponsored Projects and gifts designated for research in 2nd quarter FY14 is $3,668,517.  This total does not include any cost share amounts.  Each School/Center contributed to this total as follows:

Natural Science and Mathematics

Economic, Political & Policy Sciences

Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Engineering and Computer Sciences 

Research Gifts

Research Awards (Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2014)

The Office of Sponsored Projects also processed 64 contracts that did not involve funding (e.g., Material Transfer Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Memoranda of Understanding, etc.).

*If you want to see the total research gifts for 1st quarter, FY14, please contact the Office of Sponsored Projects, and we can send you that information.

Faculty Research Awards

The following are awards that were made 1st quarter FY14 but received by The University after November 30, 2013:

Kilgard, Michael, A Novel Adjunct to Physical Training to Improve Motor Recovery Following Stroke, MicroTransponder, Inc.: $72,216

Bray, Timothy, YMCA:  Evaluation and Assessment for Afterschool Program, YMCA Metropolitan Dallas: $69,000

Cho, Kyeongjae, Ab initio Design of Mullite Catalyst for Fuel Cell Applications, Global Frontier Center for Multiscale Energy Systems: $66,500

Voit, Walter, Shape Memory Polymer Interface, Vulintus, LLC: $34,180

Zielke, Marjorie, Simulation Program for Administration of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, Sam Houston State University: $25,000

Yang, Duck Joo, Development of Graphene Based Corrosion/Water/Fouling-Resistant Coatings for Ships and Ocean Structures, Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology: $21,596

Im, Donggu, Characterization of Low Power Transceiver, Kairos Microsystems Corp.: $20,717

The following are awards over $100,000 received by UT Dallas faculty from Federal sponsors between December 1, 2013 and February 28, 2014:

Aliev, Ali, High-Power Density High-Efficiency Carbon Nanotube Thermo-Acoustic Projectors, Office of Naval Research: $360,000

Stoneback, Russell, Collaborative Research:  Inferring High Latitude Convection Patterns Using SuperDARN, DMSP and ACE, National Science Foundation: $314,609

Fumagalli, Andrea, NeTS: JUNO: Collaborative Research: ACTION: Applications Coordinating with Transport, IP, and Optical Networks, National Science Foundation: $150,000

The following are awards over $20,000 received by UT Dallas faculty from non-Federal sponsors between December 1, 2013 and February 28, 2014:

Hart, John, Non-Pharmacological Treatment for Symptoms of PTSD, Texas Health & Human Services Committee: $625,000

Campbell, Thomas, Speech Movement Classification for Diagnosing and Treating ALS, MGH Institute of Health Professions: $537,145

McMechan, George, Geophysical Consortium 2014, Various Sponsors: $235,000

Al-Dhahir, Naofal, Exploiting Sparsity for interference Management in Broadband Communications: Theory, Applications, and Testbeds, Qatar National Research Fund: $210,140

Prasad, Shalini, Design of an hsCRP Assay-Feasibility Study, Novartis Corp.: $180,290

Ishak-Boushaki, Mustapha, Investigating the Effects of Cosmic Inhomogeneities on Precision Cosmology, John Templeton Foundation: $125,044

Hansen, John, Farsi Speech Recognition Project, Samsung Information Systems America, Inc.: $120,146

Kim, Moon, Development of Transmission electron microscopy analysis system for 10 nm-node devices, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.: $100,000

Spong, Mark, Multi-Robot Tele-operation, Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology: $93,055

McMahan, Ryan, VR Collaboration with CASL’s Virtual Office Community and Computing (VOCC) Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory: $69,514

Al-Dhahir, Naofal, A Signal Processing Framework for Secure Monitoring, Power Line Communications, and Dynamic Scheduling in Distributed Smart Grids, Texas A&M University: $63,013

Heelis, Roderick, GSE & Stimulation unit, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.: $23,500