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Award Process

Award Acceptance and Post-Award Administration

Award documents take many forms depending upon the type of sponsor and project. These documents require review and signature by the official institutional representative authorized to sign on behalf of the institution. The OSP is responsible for award document processing. The Principal Investigator is notified of each new award and its terms and conditions and is asked to accept the award and responsibility for complying with all award requirements by returning a signed acknowledgment to the OSP.

Upon receipt of fully executed award documents or other proof of award, OSP works with Post Award to facilitate creation of cost center and notifies the Principal Investigator.

The Office of Sponsored Projects plays a dual role in the post-award phase of sponsored project activity. The OSP serves as a central point of contact for sponsor grant or contract officers regarding administrative matters throughout the duration of the project. The OSP also serves as facilitator and advocate for Principal Investigators in all matters pertaining to the non-technical management of their grants and contracts. In addition, the OSP coordinates compliance with each sponsor's requirements for interim and final technical reports. Principal Investigators are responsible for submission of all required reports in a timely fashion.

If the award documentation is delayed, procedures are available to obtain a pre-award letter for a limited period of time (for Government Grants Only). Contact the OSP with information regarding the amount of credit needed. After the award information is verified by a representative of the sponsoring agency with the authority to commit funds, overdraft approval may be given. Credit will be limited to emergency expenses. Many Federal agencies allow pre-award costs up to 90 days prior to the start date of a grant. If pre-award costs are required, the above procedures for verification will be followed and pre-award costs may be approved.

Subcontract/Subrecipient Agreement Award Development

The OSP has the overall responsibility for issuing subcontracts/subrecipient agreements under sponsored project awards. The OSP will maintain documentation relative to subcontract/subrecipient agreement placement and any modification thereof. The accounting and payment function is performed by the Office of Finance and Procurement Office.

OSP will negotiate all subcontracts and subrecipient agreements in accordance with standard business practices and, as appropriate, the Federal Acquisition Regulation and/or OMB Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards, and the negotiation shall be documented in a negotiation memorandum to the subcontract/subrecipient file. These agreements will comply with all standard and special provisions of individual awards.

After the subcontract/subrecipient agreement is fully executed and work has commenced, it is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to:

  1. Review all invoices from the subcontractor/subrecipient to; determine if the charges are appropriate;
  2. Prepare a voucher to make payment for all appropriate charges;
  3. Monitor the progress of the subcontractor/subrecipient and;
  4. Obtain all required deliverables from the subcontractor/subrecipient.

Updated: August 19, 2014