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Research Enhancement Funds

The Office of Research provides UT Dallas faculty members with research enhancement funds equivalent to 10% of the indirect costs (IDC) generated by a faculty member's sponsored programs. Because of the calendar year-end closing and future-year budgeting, there is a delay of one full fiscal year before the research enhancement funds are made available to faculty. For example, if Prof. Smith generated $100,000 in IDC in FY10, he would see $10,000 budgeted in his research enhancement cost center for the start of FY12. Research enhancement funds may be used at the faculty member's discretion for any purpose that can be reasonably justified as supporting their overall research program.

New faculty members may need to request the establishment of a research enhancement cost center in order to access their funds. Faculty should contact their school fiscal officer to determine the appropriate process for making this request. Any questions about the research enhancement program, allocations to research enhancement cost centers or uses of research enhancement funds can be directed to Rafael Martin, Associate Vice President for Research (

Updated: March 14, 2013