Totoro Mugshot

When Julie Davis, the editor of Animerica, sent me email in November asking for a "mugshot" of myself for the December issue, I knew what I wanted: a Totoro with a beard. But since they were short on time and understaffed themselves, I knew if I wanted that, it would have to be done at this end. So I emailed my favorite graphics artist (and anime fan) Heidi (aka Kestrel) and asked her to do a quickie "mugshot of Totoro face-on with a beard and mustache scribbled over him." And this is what I got back. She took me literally and decided to put poor Totoro up against a police height chart. "You said it was a mugshot," she wrote back. (Poor Totoro, I'm sure the charges of umbrella theft were completely trumped up.) Anyway, Heidi is now thrilled that her artwork is in a national magazine (and we have awarded her the title of "Art Goddess, First Class").

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