Student Papers for AH 3300

So where are the papers?

Initially we had hoped to put copies of the students' papers here on this website, but we ran into two problems, one logistical and one ethical.

The logistical one was that Pam gave all the papersback to the students at the end of the spring 1999 semester with the understanding that several of them were going to polish them a bit (after reading her critiques) and then give us revised versions to put on the web. Unfortunately only a couple of students ever returned their papers.

The ethical one was that we realized that if we put a complete student paper on-line, we ran the risk of an unscrupulous student somewhere else simply downloading it, putting their name on it, and turning it into their professor as their work. We don't have a perfect solution to this so what we decided to do for the spring 2000 course was to have each student turn in an abstract of their paper which we wouldput on-line. This will allow others to use this site as a source for ideas for their academic work without being able to plagiarize the work done by our students. This got a great response, but only a couple of them submitted that electronically which means I have to type them inmyself. (Actually, I'm using ViaVoice to read them into the computer, but editing them afterwards is almost as tedious.) So as of now (fall 2000) I have only gotten about half of them entered. So at some point in the future we will have them up on-line, but not just yet.


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