John F. Kain Center for Research on Education Policy

The John F. Kain Center for Research on Education Policy is a formal association of scholars specializing in the study of education policy using the methods of empirical research. It is named in honor of Texas Schools Project Founder John F. Kain.

The Kain Center scholars hold a long and distinguished track record of producing important, policy-relevant research published in top economics, public policy and education journals, and possess substantial experience working with the Texas administrative data on topics relevant to education in Texas. Several of these researchers have also written a large number of policy briefs based on their research, and have participated extensively as advisors to federal and state departments of education, local school districts, and numerous research projects and non-governmental organizations in the United States and internationally.

In addition to fostering collaboration in the production of high quality education research, the Kain Center's mission includes the dissemination of relevant findings of its scholars' work to ensure that such work directly benefits education policy.

The associates of the Kain Center comprise the core research capability of the TSP and are available to conduct approved projects of the UTD-ERC.

Page last updated on December 12, 2014.