IT Resources

In addition to Texas Education Reserach Center data and documentation, the Texas Schools Project also provides a wealth of resources for use in analysis:

Compute environment

Texas Schools Project provides workstations for local researchers and an interactive unix environment for local and remote researchers.

Texas Schools Project computing environment includes a Cray CX-1 cluster with an interactive node plus seven compute nodes. Each node has two quad-core 3.0ghz CPUS and at least 16 GB of memory. In addition, additional nodes can be added to accommodate future growth.

4 Terabytes of tier-one storage

Texas Schools Project utilizes high-speed storage from NetApp in order to meet the demands of intensive computational analysis. The system has two controllers for redundant access and multiple spare drives to provide continuous service in the event of a drive failure. In addition, the system can be scaled up to meet future needs.

7 Terabytes of tier-two storage

Because not all data need to be maintained on high-speed disk, Texas Schools Project also provides 7 Terabytes of slower, but still highly reliable, disk space. Data for inactive projects is periodically stepped-down to tier-two storage, in order to make the most efficient use of the tier-one storage system.

Internal services

Texas Schools Project also manages redundant authentication servers, an intranet, and myriad other services to facilitate operations.

Page last updated on May 2, 2013.