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TAKS and the Texas Assessment Program Information

The TEA Assessment Division maintains an excellent website as a resource for those seeking information about TAKS and the other state tests.
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The links following will take you to specific topic areas you may find useful:

TAKS Technical Digests
Designed to provide information about the development procedures and technical attributes of the state-mandated assessment program. First Technical Digest was published for the TAAS tests in 1995.

Raw Score Conversion Tables
Raw Score to Scale Score, showing cut scores for "Met Standard" and "Commended Performance." Different for each test/grade/year combination. Note the phase-in of passing standards between 2003 and 2005 (2006 and 2007 for the Exit exams).

Statewide Item Analysis Reports
These reports show the item number, the objective measured by the item and the percentage of students selecting each possible answer choice for that test item.

Interpreting Assessment Reports Guide
Good general document that gives basic info about the tests, reports available, and cautions about uses and interpretation. Produced for parents, teachers, administrators.

TAKS Student Expectations Tested
This is the "crosswalk" from TAKS item to TAKS objective to TEKS Student Expectation (SE). Different for every test/grade/year combination.
Useful even for years when no TAKS released form is available.

The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)
This is the gateway to all the TEKS. The "Student Expectations," mentioned above, are found for each grade/subject TEKS in the second part (Knowledge and Skills).

TAKS Information Booklets
These include the test specifications for each subject/grade. They also are somewhat more handy than the TEKS themselves to find the SEs and information about TAKS objectives.

Data File Formats
Documentation for the files that contain the raw testing data produced by the testing contractor after scanning and scoring. Data files are used by the TEA to generate the reports, and district-level files are available for every school district in Texas.
This is also the source documentation for the ERC TAAS and TAKS data, though it has been processed as delimited and stats-package specific data files. Very useful to see the coding used for the data, as well as all of the data fields available.

Test Results
This is one location that contains summary state, district, and campus-level testing results for all state tests.

About the Student Assessment Program
A bit of history and context about state-mandated testing in Texas.

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