Residential Housing Association

The Residential Housing Association (RHA) is a student-led organization that is open to all residents of University Housing and focuses on large-scale programming and community building.

Programs RHA has held in the past include:

  • L.o.L. Tournament + Cosplay contest
  • Texas Sized Games
  • Casino Night
  • Breakfast and Bluebooks
  • RHW Says Happy Holidays
  • Haunted House: Enter if you Dare...

RHA holds meetings bi-weekly, during which University Housing residents, elected community representatives, Peer Advisors and other Residential Life staff meet to discuss upcoming programs, as well as leadership and volunteer opportunities on campus.

RHA also provides residents the opportunity to represent UT Dallas at the following regional and national leadership conferences:

These conferences allow UT Dallas leaders to network with other colleges and bring programming ideas and initiatives to our campus.