Parking and Transportation Office

The UT Dallas Parking and Transportation Office makes it easy to get around on and off campus. Learn about parking and transportation services provided to UT Dallas students.

Parking — All students must purchase a parking permit to park on campus. Parking permits can be purchased online, you can also buy a permit in-person from the Parking Office (PS3 1.200) or the Bursar Office (SSB 2.300).

Comet Cabs—Comet Cabs transport students between parking lots, campus buildings, the Residence Halls and the University Village Apartments. You can wave down a Comet Cab at any safe point along its route that doesn't obstruct traffic. There are 4 different routes that Comet Cabs take around campus.

Comet Cruiser — The Comet Cruiser is a DART shuttle bus (Route 883) that serves UT Dallas and the surrounding community. You do not need any sort of pass to use this bus, but other buses/train services will require a DART pass.

DART — If you are a UT Dallas student enrolled in the current semester with a valid Comet Card, you can apply for a free DART Student Transit Pass. This pass will allow you to ride all DART buses and trains, as well as the Trinity Railway Express.

Zipcar — UT Dallas has partnered with Zipcar to bring self-service, on-demand car sharing to campus. Membership in this car sharing club is available through UT Dallas at special rates to students. Learn more about Zipcar through parkinig and transportation services.