Live Well


Eat Well

Living on your own, commuting, and taking classes can take a toll on your fitness and nutrition. Making good nutrition choices just takes some research and planning! Online you can find information about recommended daily intake, fast food choices, and healthy snacks. For more nutrition help, you can schedule an appointment with a registered dietician!

Get Active

Make the decision to increase your physical activity and improve your health! This could mean using stairs more, or walking a longer route to classes on campus. University Recreation can help keep you active, or give you tips on starting a fitness plan!

Manage Stress

As a commuter you may have added stress on your daily routine than a student that lives on campus. Focusing on building time management skills is a great way to de-stress your life. Learn about stress management, or how to get in contact with someone on campus that can help.

Upcoming Events

Check back next semester for more wellness events!