Off Campus Living

Renting an Apartment Off Campus

Thinking of renting a home or apartment off campus? As a prospective tenant you have the right to ask the landlord (or apartment complex) questions. Before you sign a lease you want to make sure you are satisfied with the rental. Here are a few things to help you in your housing search!

  • The Texas Apartment Association is a great resource for students who prefer living off campus. They offer Renting Basics information about finding the right apartment, costs to consider, leasing laws, rental insurance and more.
  • When searching, keep in mind that The Comet Cruiser (DART Route 883 bus) connects UT Dallas to several nearby housing communities.
  • Budget — If you are living away from home and handling your expenses it is important to create a budget! Create a budget that is realistic, and flexible enough to adapt to college life.  Learn more at's article: College Budgeting: How to Save Money in College
  • Need more help with your off campus housing search? Check out Dallas Off-Campus Housing! This website serves the UT Dallas community and can assist you in finding a property, or a roommate.

Living at Home

It is not uncommon for UT Dallas commuter students to live at home during their time as a student. Keep in mind that this is a time of transition for the entire family, it is important to set expectations with family members at home to ensure a harmonious living situation.

  • Talk with family members about your new schedule, and how this will be different than high school. College students enjoy a bit more freedom than high school, so it is important to sit down and talk through the major issues, from privacy, to curfew.
  • Spend extra time on campus! There is a lot to experience on campus outside of the classroom. With the extra time you can learn about resources on campus, and develop relationships with peers and faculty.
  • Get involved! Join a club, organization, volunteer, or get an on campus job. 

Changing Lanes: On-Campus Housing

On-campus housing is not guaranteed and requires an application. For best results, apply for housing as soon as you decide you want to live on campus. Don’t worry, even if you live on campus, you can still participate in Road Warriors' programs!