Welcome to the home page of the Robot Chess Project! This site provides general information about the project and contains links and contacts for those interested in contributing to the project. These links and contacts will be mentioned on this page and summarized on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Brief Project Summary

Chess Plaza

The Robot Chess Project began in 2011 and was developed by an interdisciplinary senior design team composed of mechanical, electrical, and software engineering students with the sponsorship of Rockwell Collins. The project’s goal is to build a 32-robot team that can autonomously navigate the outdoor chessboard at UTD’s Chess Plaza (shown the in picture above). Using a downloadable app, a user will be able to play a chess game against the robots.

While the original senior design team was able to design and build the robot team, they were not able to implement the robots in their desired application. So under the mentorship of Nicholas Gans and sponsorship of the LARS research lab headed by Mark Spong, Robot Chess has been developed over the years by engineering students and preceding senior design teams.

Currently, Robot Chess is nearing its completion and is affiliated with the UTD’s Robotics and Automation Society (RAS).


There are many ways students can contribute to this project. The best way to get involved is to go to the Contact Us page above and contact either Dr. Gans or one of the active members.