Project Details

On this page you can find more details about Robot Chess and the Chessbots.


Chessbot TopChessbot Front

The current version of the Chessbot is displayed above. The Chessbot’s software as well as additional details can be found at following github site:

If you’re interested in the Chessbot’s electrical or mechanical design, design files are saved in Box Sync enterprise cloud storage which is available to every UTD student. Go to the Contact Us page and contact either Dr. Gans or one of the active members to request file sharing.

Robot Chess Software

Chess Game GUI

The Robot Chess App source code is available at the following github site: The software is free to download and is open source. Instructions for running the app are included on the README of the github repository linked above.

Robot Chess Lab

Robot Chess Lab

Members of Robot Chess currently work in ECSN 2.412 alongside the HeRo lab. This location may have changed so if you visit this lab and do not see any Chessbots, contact us and ask where we’ve moved.