International Oversight Committee (IOC)

The IOC includes representatives from across campus, including faculty members, administrative leaders, and international travel and risk specialists, and has been established to:

  • Assess of levels of risk in countries or regions with significant health or safety concerns, and where University-related programs and travel are occurring or proposed; evaluate risk mitigation plans; grant approval of high-risk region travel requests for individual travelers, group travelers, and education abroad programs;
  • Participate in the University’s international emergency response, by providing analysis of risk mitigation options when appropriate; and
  • Develop guidelines and formulate policies to maintain the health and safety of UT Dallas students, faculty, and staff who study, participate in international conferences, or conduct research and/or business internationally.
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International Risk and Safety, facilitates the administrative aspect of the IOC functions.  If you have any questions regarding the IOC functions or want to communicate with this Committee, please send an e-mail to Imperio Shanks at [email protected].

Annual Reports