Submit your travel itinerary to ISOS for registration

When the traveler uses personal arrangements or non-UTD contracted travel agencies for any or all portions of their trip, they must submit their trip itinerary to ISOS for registration or register the itinerary manually.

To submit their trip itinerary to ISOS, the traveler must have an account in MyTrips.  Follow the instructions below:

If you have a MyTrips Account

  1. Log in to the e-mail address used to create your MyTrips account and from that address
  2. Forward your flight, bus, car rental, lodging booking confirmation emails to [email protected].
  3. Train itineraries are not yet supported by this feature and must be entered manually.

Common issues

If you receive an e-mail back letting you know that the system was unable to enter your trip, use the following to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. You do not yet have a MyTrips account.  See below how to create one, then forward the e-mail confirmation.
  2. You forwarded the e-mail confirmation from a different e-mail address.  Forward the e-mail confirmation to the address you used to create your MyTrips account, then forward from that address to MyTrips.
  3. You sent a screen shot, not the confirmation e-mail.  Try again by simply forwarding the confirmation e-mail.
  4. You modified the e-mail confirmation by entering a greeting, changing the subject, or other.  Try again by simply forwarding.
  5. You did not include the PDF attachment that came with the e-mail confirmation.  Try again by simply forwarding.

If you need to create a MyTrips account.

  1. Go to MyTrips at
  2. Click on New User and set up your (the traveler’s) account.
  3. Important. The e-mail address used in the MyTrips account should allow the traveler to receive emergency and alert e-mails sent by ISOS or e-mails/texts UT Dallas. In case of emergency the University will send a message to this e-mail address and phone number to ask the traveler to check in, or will send time sensitive information.
  4. Save the Username and Password in a secure place.

Things you should note:

  • Whenever forwarding an itinerary confirmation email to [email protected], an automated email regarding the processing status of the trip details will be sent to the registered email. Travelers can always log into their MyTrips account to access the trip details.
  • If there is an issue with the trip in the MyTrips account, travelers can submit queries or feedback by using the Feedback link or e-mail [email protected].
  • If the traveler has a change in the booking, the traveler must forward the latest version of the itinerary confirmation email to [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

  1. What if the traveler has booked the trip by using his personal email address, but his MyTrips account is under his utdallas email address? This is not a problem. If the traveler has forwarded the confirmation email from his personal email address (e.g. a yahoo email address) and it doesn’t match their MyTrips user name, the traveler will receive an automated email from MyTrips explaining how the email should be forwarded. The traveler can still forward the confirmation from their personal email address to the email address used for MyTrips and then forward it again to the specific International SOS mailbox. Travelers will always receive an automated email about the processing status of their trips.
  2. Will travelers get a confirmation when the trip details have been processed? Yes. Once the trip details are processed, travelers will receive an automated email from MyTrips explaining the status of the trip process. The email will list the trip segments that were successfully processed.
  3. What happens if some of the trip segments are not processed? Travelers will still receive an automated email from MyTrips recommending that they can access their MyTrips account to make any changes or additions. These trips will be labelled as “Forwarded Itinerary” within the trip list for easy identification.
  4. If the traveler makes a change through the original booking vendor, how will these trip changes be submitted to MyTrips and TravelTracker? The traveler should forward the latest confirmation email including the trip change to [email protected] one more time. If the trip confirmation number has been kept the same by the vendor (most likely it will be the same), then the trip change will be reflected in MyTrips and TravelTracker.
  5. What happens if the traveler cancels the trip through the original booking vendor? Trip cancellations are not supported by this feature. Therefore, travelers would need to manually delete these trips from their MyTrips account.
  6. Can the travel agencies forward the booking confirmation emails the same way as travelers? No. This new feature has been designed only for travelers’ use when a trip was booked outside the UT Dallas Contracted Travel Agencies. It will only work when the traveler forwards the confirmation email from the email address that has been setup as their MyTrips user name.
  7. Can all types of trip segments be processed through this new capability? Currently travelers can forward confirmation emails for any flight, hotel and car rental bookings. Train bookings are currently not supported.