Risk Management

Whether traveling on your own or leading a group of students, your attention to health, safety, and security is crucial to a successful overseas activity. Follow this step-by-step risk management plan to improve your ability to manage risk and avoid most problems or resolve them quickly.

Know Your Support Network

You have a wealth of resources at UT Dallas that can assist you in planning a successful international experience. Your department chair, college dean and administrators, program organizers, and others such as: Travel Management, Research Compliance, Export Control, Education Abroad, Student Accessibility, International Center Risk and Safety, International SOS.

Prepare for Travel

Ensure International Travel Best Practices have been followed prior to departure. Familiarize yourself and any participants with your emergency management plan.

Create a Personal Emergency Action Plan (PEAP)

There are many ways to create a PEAP. The ICRSO has developed a PEAP template that you can use. Fill out the template and carry it with you at all times during your trip.  Learn more about how to create a PEAP.

Get Emergency and Travel Assistance

There is no guarantee that every travel abroad will go perfectly. Therefore, it is important to be able to respond quickly and to know how to get emergency and travel assistance.