Risk and Safety Pre-Departure Trip Review

International SOS (ISOS) team of security experts offers analysis on risks that exist in the region, local expertise and preventative advice.  Program leaders and travelers can request a pre-departure risk and safety trip review in 2 easy steps.

  1. Collect the following information on your trip and set it up in a 1 to 2 page document.
    • Start and End Date of Activity Abroad (E.g. conference dates, program dates, internship dates, etc.)
    • Number of Travelers
    • Profile of Traveler/s (E.g., first time traveler, experienced traveler, nationality, local national, undergrad, grad, faculty, staff, etc.  When known: name, net ID, and school of each student)
    • Nature of the Travel and Description of Activities (E.g., conference, independent study of local environment, courses at university, internship, etc.)
    • UT Dallas Benefit (E.g., academic credit, presenting research done at UTD, completing degree requirements, etc.)
    • City and Country
    • Lodging Details.  Name of hotel, location, phone number.  If not a hotel, type of lodging (private, university lodging, etc).
    • Modes of Expected Transportation.  Arrival/Departure, from airport or train/bus station to lodging and back, and day to day.
    • Places to Visit (Include name and address of places to visit during the trip; other meeting locations, side trips being considered).
    • Local support (E.g., Visiting a local university.  Include which university, physical address of the university and contact/s within the university).
    • Also very important, include any questions or concerns that you have about this travel.  This is your opportunity to include specific questions for the ISOS security expert to answer.
    • Personal questions or concerns can be addressed outside of this trip review request by calling International SOS 24/7 to 1-215-942-8059 and referring to the Security Brief number.  Personal questions may include inquiries for risk due to gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, religion, disabilities, or health issues, including mental health and substance use disorder.
  2. Submit your request. Email International ISOS at [email protected] with copy to International Risk and Safety at [email protected].
    • Identify yourself as a UT Dallas faculty, staff, or student, and request a Trip Review.
    • Attach your trip information.