Traveling Abroad with Electronics

UT Dallas faculty, staff and students have the following resources and compliance requirements to meet around UTD-owned devices or equipment they plan to take on their travel.

Export Control

The Office of Research Compliance Office (ORC) manages compliances with export control regulations that relate to research at UT Dallas. For detailed information about how UT Dallas complies with export control regulations please visit the ORC Export Control webpage or contact us at 972-883-4579. Faculty members and other travelers should be aware that:

  • Electronic devices (laptop, PDA, etc.) are subject to export controls.  Obtain a Temporary Exception Certification prior to departure for UTD-owned devices and equipment.  Be ready to show this certification upon request.
    • On University travel, obtain it through the faculty/staff or student travel authorization process.
    • When taking personal time off, obtain it by using the B16-EXC form.
  • Faculty members with Technology Control Plans should not travel with controlled research data on their electronic devices.
  • Researchers who require a determination concerning whether their research is subject to export control regulations should contact ORC during proposal development.

Devices Security and Encryption

Contact the Information Security Office (ISO) at [email protected] for assistance on the following services for travelers:

  • Check if your destination has laws that prohibit encryption.
    • Some countries will not allow entry with encrypted devices.
    • Countries who have signed the Wassenaar agreement DO allow entry with encrypted devices. A listing of these countries can be found at:
  • UT Dallas staff and faculty can:
    • Check out an unencrypted laptop for travel, if the destination does not allow encrypted devices.
    • Use Box is a UT Dallas cloud-based service where staff and faculty can store information in the cloud securely if needed when overseas. You can now log in and create your account at
    • Set up VPN to access UT Dallas computers remotely. Find instructions at UTD VPN.
    • Check videos on Information Security awareness.
  • Follow UT Dallas Standards for Mobile Computing Devices and Laptops
  • Learn more about Mobile Security. Contact the ISO at 972 883 6810.

Missing or Stolen UT Dallas equipment

  1. Contact the local authorities at your destination immediately to report the missing or stolen equipment.
  2. Call International SOS 24/7 at +1-215-942-8059, to report the missing or stolen equipment.  ISOS will notify International Risk and Safety.  International Risk and Safety will submit your report to your department and to the Office of Research compliance.  Your department will notify Inventory.