Faculty Collaborations

As an organization with established outreach channels, the SEEC strengthens and supports faculty research. Thus far, the SEEC has contributed to and supported research grants submitted by the following UT Dallas faculty:

Chadwin Young. (MSE) CAREER: Fundamental Electronic Device Performance and Reliability Investigation on Chalcogenide-based N- and P-type Materials for Large Area/Flexible Electronics.

Jun Wang. (BSE) CAREER: Motion of water on plant leaves and petioles.

Midori Kitigawa, Ryan McMahan, Rosanna Guadagno and Kristie Jones Newton. (ATEC) EXP: Mobile Immersive Learning Environment for High School Geometry.

Midori Kitikawa, Roger Malina, Michael Kesden, Mary Urquhart. (ATEC and Physics) VIGOR- Concept for an educational and entertainment game to help understand gravitational waves.

Fabiano Rodrigues. (Physics) CAREER: Experimental and theoretical investigation of the electrodynamics and structuring of the low-latitude ionosphere.

John Hansen. (EE) NSF PRIME: eListen- Evaluating inquiry instruction and student sense-making via speech signal processing and language technology.

John Hansen. (EE) NSF-NRT: Development of an intractive museum middle ear display for education.

Yonas Tadesse. (ME) BPE-OT: Enhancement of diversity in research and education- humanoid robots and energy harvesting technologies.

Mandy J. Maguire, Ph.D. School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences. CAREER: How poverty impacts brain adn language develpment: Understanding teh vocabulary gap. 

Robert Gregg, Ph.D. (ME, BE) Career: Energy Shaping Control of Powered Prostheses and Orthoses for Task-Invariant Assistance of Human Locomotion.

If you are a faculty and would like to work with us, please contact us: [email protected]