Science and Engineering Education Center

Kits & Materials

The UT Dallas Science and Engineering Education Center provides a Lending Library of Discover Kits and Materials in order to grow STEM literacy and interest in the community. These instructional materials may be borrowed, free of charge, to help teach learners important STEM concepts and skill sets.

The Lending Library is made possible through the generous support of The University of Texas at Dallas and funders to include: State Farm, The Texas Workforce Commission, Tech Titans, IEEE Foundation, Texas Instruments, and the ExxonMobil Foundation.


What We Provide

What We Ask From You

Shipping and/or delivery of materials to your location

Most materials needed (look over the materials checklist for supplemental materials that may be needed to complete activities)

Instructional Guides and Activity Sheets

Videos & Other Supplemental Reference Materials

Training and Support to the Staff and Volunteers who may be working with the learners

Place reservations a minimum of 2 weeks in advance

Complete a tally sheet, module review and facilitator report forms

Complete pre and post participant surveys

Use and send back kit or materials within 4 weeks of receipt- Remember, someone else is likely waiting on the materials you have!

Recognize the UT Dallas SEEC in printed and electronic media regarding the outreach activity.


For a full list of Kits and Materials, click on the BROWSE CATALOG option on the left.





Facilitator Feedback Form (Click here to download the PDF)

Participant Impact Form (Click here to download the PDF)