Systems Engineering and Management students needing assistance with funding tuition may apply for long-term student loans (grants and scholarships are not available for Professional Education Programs).

There are sources of aid to help you cover the costs of your education:


There are several sources of private-based long-term educational loans that are issued based on the credit-worthiness of the borrower for those who are enrolled as a graduate certificate student. For more information, see the UT Dallas page about Private Education Loans and how to compare them.


Degree-seeking students may borrow through the Federal Student Loan Programs (Stafford and Graduate Plus). The Federal Stafford Loan maximum academic year limit is $20,500 and is a guaranteed loan. The Graduate Plus Loan is limited to the cost of attendance minus other financial aid and is a creditworthy loan.

To apply for federal student aid, you must submit one form, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 

Application is done electronically through the FAFSA. Your UT Dallas school code is 009741.


The UT Dallas Financial Aid staff serves as the liaison between the lender and the student once the student has applied for the loan. Please contact the designated UT Dallas financial aid counselor for Professional Education, Paula Baxter, or call her at (972) 883-4114.


This program qualifies for Federal GI Bill programs. This program does not qualify for the Hazlewood Act Exemption (or any other state exemptions/waivers. Please contact the UT Dallas Veteran Benefit Team ([email protected] or 972-883-4020) for more information or instructions.