Students who wish to apply for a Certificate should send information on courses taken (number, title, date), along with their UT Dallas Net ID number, to:
Brenda Rains

The traditional master’s program offers two certificates, primarily intended for students who do not wish to pursue the complete MS degree: a Certificate in Systems Engineering and a Certificate in Systems Management. Each certificate requires 12 semester credit hours. See Course Descriptions for information on course content.These certificates allow students to fit their education into their busy schedules and pursue the track that best fits their career path. These flexible education programs provide students with outstanding opportunities to access UT Dallas’ world-class faculty and hands-on learning experiences. Past students report that the University provided them with opportunities they would not have gotten elsewhere. Why not find out more today?


Students are required to complete two core courses,

  • SYSM 6301 Systems Engineering, Architecture and Design
  • SYSM 6311 Systems Project Management in Engineering and Operations

and any two courses from the set of engineering courses listed below.


Courses Engineering Course Titles Credits
SYSM 6302 Dynamics of Complex Networks and Systems 3
SYSM 6303 Statistics and Data Analysis 3
SYSM 6304 Risk and Decision Analysis 3
SYSM 6305 Optimization: Theory and Practice 3
SYSM 6306 Engineering Systems: Modeling and Simulation 3
SYSM 6307 Linear Systems 3
SYSM 6308 Software Maintenance, Evolution and Re-Engineering 3
SYSM 6309 Advanced Requirements Engineering 3
SYSM 6310 Software Testing, Validation and Verification 3
SYSM 6325 Requirements Design, Development, and Integration for Complex Systems 3
SYSM 6326 Systems Lifecycle Cost Analysis 3
SYSM 6327 Systems Reliability 3
SYSM 6328 Computer and Network Systems Security 3


Students are required to complete SYSM 6301 and SYSM 6311 and any two courses from the set of management courses listed below.


Courses Management Course Titles Credits
SYSM 6312 Systems Financial Management 3
SYSM 6313 Systems Negotiating and Dispute Resolution 3
SYSM 6315 The Entrepreneurial Experience 3
SYSM 6316 Innovation Within the Corporation 3
SYSM 6318 Marketing Management 3
SYSM 6319 Business Economics 3
SYSM 6320 Strategic Leadership 3
SYSM 6332 Technology and New Product Development 3
SYSM 6333 Systems Organizational Behavior 3
SYSM 6334 Systems Operations management – Manufacturing & Service Systems 3
SYSM 6335 Organizing for Business Analytics: A Systems Approach 3
SYSM 6336 Earned Value Management System (EVM) 3
SYSM 6337 Accounting for Managers 3