Are you interested in taking graduate courses for credit in the traditional MS-SEM degree but cannot commit to traveling to campus on a regular basis? Our options for online courses and distance learning may be the solution for you.

Online Classes

The UT Dallas School of Management is a leader in the development of online programs in graduate management education. The school currently offers many courses as part of several degrees and certificate programs with complete online delivery and content identical to courses offered in the classroom:

  • Courses are administered completely online with content that mirrors that of regular, in-seat courses without recordings of live lectures.
  • Several of the MS-SEM courses offered online are core classes for other degree programs.  Typically, only one section is offered online with limited enrollment.
  • Registration for special sections of online courses is done through offerings indicted as “Online”.
  • The following MS-SEM classes have been offered with the online option in the past: SYSM 6303, SYSM 6312, SYSM 6313, SYSM 6318, SYSM 6319, SYSM 6332, SYSM 6333, SYSM 6334, and SYSM 6337. Possible concentration-area classes as part of the MS-SEM, as well as many other management classes, are also offered online.

Distance Learning Classes

Distance learning classes are designed for students who want to have a classroom experience with a physically-present professor while maintaining the flexibility of earning a portion of their MS-SEM degree while away from campus. Unlike the online classes noted above:

  • Lectures to in-seat students are recorded live, streamed online, and viewed asynchronously (usually available on the same day as the lecture), and are designed to offer a distance experience that is as close as possible to that of students in the classroom.
  • Lectures may be viewed at your convenience, any time day or night, and are accessible only by UT Dallas students registered for that class.
  • Students in distance learning classes are required to come to campus only for exams and occasional interactive sessions. Students who are not able to come to campus for examinations work with the professor or graduate advisor to have examination proctoring set up at the distance learning location.
  • Registration for the class follows the same process as in-seat registration, using the same course number.  No distinction is made for the distance learning option.
  • The following MS-SEM classes have been offered in the past using the distance learning option: SYSM 6302, SYSM 6305, SYSM 6306, and SYSM 6307.

Questions should be directed to Brenda Rains.